TeamXbox Gets Some Hands On Time With The Upcoming 'Crash Of The Titans'

After a start that had him locked down as a PlayStation-only playmate-though with a short stint as a Pizza Hut commercial pitchster in there as well-Crash Bandicoot has more recently had the opportunity to be a bigger, broader star by appearing on more game platforms. Trouble is, his more recent titles seemed much reduced in style, attitude and, well, fun gameplay.

With Crash of the Titans, publisher Sierra and developer Radical Entertainment are looking to reverse his decline. According to Joe McGinn, the game's lead designer at Radical, they're teaming up to "bring back the old Crash."

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techie4136d ago

not made by the devs who created him...they are owned by Sony...but they sold Crash...since they have moved on to better things...and by the looks of it, this crash doens't have what it used to

P4KY B4136d ago

No Medusa or Pegasus.

AudioRage4136d ago

crash of the titans... best title so far in the series anyway

freeza4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

the first crash was the best

Babylonian4136d ago

were Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and CTR. After that Naughty Dog sold crash to Universal as did Insomniac with their Spyro franchise. These games used to be one of the quality titles of the PS brand.

Now they are just a bunch of caca's (exuisemoi for my language).

But hey at least the companies that created them went on and they made even better quality titles for the PS brand. i just wonder when Sony will buy Insomniac, it's gonna happen eventually.