Singstar: Psp Interaction and More Details.

With Singstar Sony already announced 3 to one of the numerous coming party hits for the PlayStation. Compared with the predecessors this episode will not only differ by the TRACK list. Here we have an overview with the features of the play for you:

- The own Playlist: One selects and sings the own favourite songs.
- Over 300 Songs: All songs from the PS2-Spielen and more.
- Custom: New Skins, new effects and pictures can be furnished by sing-acre-on-line.
- PSP Connection: Sung pieces or also EyeToy performances can be stored on the PSP and carried forward everywhere.
- New microphones.
- The play strikes alarm if it new Songs to the Download gives.
- New Singstar Look. The structure of the play was revised.

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Biphter4257d ago

Is going nuts for this game. She can't wait!