UK PSP Price Dropped to £129.99

Sony has announced it's dropping the UK RRP of the PlayStation Portable from £149.99 to £129.99 and is also cutting the price of budget platinum range titles by a fiver, to £14.99.

The price changes come into effect from May 4, when five new Platinum titles - LocoRoco, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Killzone: Liberation and MotoGP - will also be added to the range.

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Robotz Rule3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

How much money is that in U.S. dollars?,anybody know?


Counter_ACT3890d ago

At the current rate about $260 I think. :P

Thats pretty good, even though I already have a PSP I hope it boosts sales. Locoroco for £15? Cant go wrong. :P

gta_cb3890d ago

good, but to be honest not good enough, Sony you need to put the price down to the magical £100 or less, maybe £99 as it looks alot less then it is lol.
as for me im gonna carry on using my PSP running fw 3.02 OE-A

techie3890d ago

That's very good..think how much an Ipod is...£200. So that's a bargain