Sony consoles will continue to rule over Microsoft: report

A new sample of more than 3000 Australian consumers indicates that Sony will continue to dominate the games console space in coming years, despite being late to market with the PlayStation 3. The findings of the report The Connected Home in 2007 from Connection Research suggest that Sony is likely to sell more than 100 million PS3 consoles, emulating the success of the two earlier models, according to one of the authors.

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predator4256d ago

Taken by 3000 people and from that concludes that it will sell 100mil, maybe he forgot to look at console sales, not sayin the ps3 wont sell but i am saying it will never sell 100 million, and him saying australia is a fairly close indicator of the main Western markets outside of Japan, couldnt be further from the truth. my thoughts only.

marionz4255d ago

but arnt we all a bit sick of these storys? its just another spam story about how sony can do no wrong
not news

masterg4256d ago

In about 10 minutes the Xbots will start flaming.

QuackPot4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Agreed the wii will fill a niche - it's not going away unless the next gens develop similar games and controllers.

Although I'm confident Ps3 will eventually win the war, it's unlikely it'll reach 100m sales mark. The main reason is that the PS2 didn't get much competition from the xbox. However, the x360's a more worthy opponent with an impressive selection of games and net service.

Yes, the 360's doing well at the moment but it's far too early to rule out Sony. x360 had a WHOLE YEAR without any next gen competition and has built up a very respectable library of games. Ps3 has only been in the stores for six months, is relatively expensive and is NOW in a highly competitive gaming market.

The article is correct on brand loyalty/mind set. The old ps2 is still selling well because for a ridiculously cheap price you are getting alot of bang for your bucks. The Ps3 is a more powerful and versatile machine with greater long term potential. Those buyers will eventually migrate once the Ps3's price becomes attractive as well as having a large library of diverse games and quality net service.

So xbots, hold off the premature ejaculations of judgement. Show some self discipline, intelligence and objectivity and wait 5 years. Then we'll truly see who rules who.

Sexius Maximus4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

but I have to say, how many times have I heard the comment from Sony fans "Wait until xyz, and THEN we'll see who's better" I too believe the the PS3 will come out on top in sales in the next five years, but Sony will go from having 90% of the market share, to MAYBE 40% (Sony 40, Nin 30, MS 30...mind you, that's a guess.) Even though they'll be the "winner", they have taken, and will continue to take heavy losses. So YES Sony fans, the PS3 will probably come out on top, but with a loss of nearly half their original fan base. By NO means am I saying Microsoft is perfect, but Sony made some terrible decisions on the PS3, and it's showing in their current sales.

QuackPot4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

I reckon your percentage shares wouldn't be too far off.

Yup. Sony messed up big time(late release, weak release titles, inclusion of BD, pricing, loss of dual shock, loss of exclusives, inadequate and unproven net service, developer unfriendly core design, lack of investment in or the finding of killer titles to counter Halo, Forza, Gears, Lost Planet, etc, not preloading it's own optimized version of Linux).

Had Sony NOT done all these, things would be completely different. It's all now water under the bridge and they certainly won't be making the same mistakes with PS4. Oh but what could have been:

Product: Ps3
release date: Nov 2005
price: US $400
HDD: 60 G
Media device: DVD R/W(optional Blu-ray player for $200)
Controller: 6 axis motion, dual shock
Operating System: Dual Boot - Game OS and Sony Linux OS.
Installed Applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, Gaim, The Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, NVU.
Other devices: keyboard & mouse.

Now this machine alone would have pawned xbox 360, even with so-so release titles.

Also, Home and Little Big Planet should have been ready at release to further increase the demand.

Again, what could have been. It will be a lesson well learnt for Sony. Now, they have a lot of work ahead of them....

4255d ago
QuackPot4255d ago

Have a DVD r/w instead of Blu-ray would have set Ps3 aside from xbox with Sony Linux OS already installed then for $400 you get a gaming console AND a PC.

This is what Sony should have done....and this is what Sony will do over the next 5 years.

HDDs can be readily expanded by buyers themselves...if they bother to learn.

uxo224255d ago

Good point but, here is something else to consider. Truly loyal sony PS? Fans have already purchased a PS3 or plan to in the near future. However, one of the reasons that some of those PS2 fans haven't jumped onto the PS3 bandwagon is because that either can't afford a PS3 or can't stomach/justify the cost. I agree with you to a certain extent, a lot of those PS2 users will buy a PS3 some will buy a 360 also. Then there is also a large number of them that will simply be too cheap to buy nextgen. Look at the numbers of PS2 sales since the price drop. Most of those people woundn't even buy a PS2 til it can down in price, imagine trying to get them to buy a PS3 or a 360. (Goodluck) When I bought my PS3, I didn't open it for days (thinking I may take it back) because I was torn between already having a 360, and wondering if I wanted to spend another 900 bucks for the PS3, 4 controllers, 1 game, an HDMI cable, and a 2 year extended warranty. For a while, I had a difficult time justifying it, yet I could easily afford it.

I don't know, I think when It comes to the price tag of the nextgen systems especially the PS3 it goes a little bit beyond brand loyality. And some people (including myself) didn't buy it for the blu-ray movies. I bought it more so I can play the quality exclusives that seem to be becoming multi-platform with each passing day.

4255d ago
QuackPot4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

We have a competitive market here with picky buyers.
Pricing, market position and value for money are key focii for any business who wishes to come out on top.

* Yes - Blu-ray will be the next DVD format(Size really does matter with HD). But it is not necessary as yet, especially when games like Gears, Lost Planet and others have and are coming out on the older DVD technology. Blu-ray should have been an optional upgrade. It would've only taken two years before it would become a necessity with growing number of HD Games.

* The inclusion of BD resulted in the costly delay of allowing xbox 360 to have a year headstart without any next gen competition. Due to this blunder, x360 now has an impressive library of games and market share with games developers familiar and more experienced with it. Again, BD should have been an optional upgrade.

* Blu-ray also added to the price of the unit which every xbot endlessly whinges on about; and has undoubtedly made many discerning buyer think twice.

With a DVD RW instead of BD, Ps3 would have been competitive on pricing but also have an advantage(small as may be) with the ability to write to disk.

Again: the Blu-ray should have been an optional upgrade from get go. It would have quickly become a necessity.

* pre-installed Linux? Of couse you have to. Show me a PC or Laptop without Winblow$ installed. According to your reasoning, just get the buyer to download Vi$ta, configure it correctly with the necessary drivers. No thanks! I'd prefer to have my Sony Linux OS already installed, configured and ready to go when I take it off the shelf. NB. I did say Sony Linux OS meaning a Sony developed Linux OS for Sony hardware - sleek, fast, optimized.

Also, the inclusion of Sony Linux OS means you save money(no need to buy a game console AND PC) and a more versatile machine(gaming, internet, media player, productivity) - the PC Console.

* As for external add-ons...the last time I heard, the less the better. If it can be built in, then do it. No-one likes the dangling bits or try to avoid them as much as possible.

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LSDARBY4256d ago

It will sell 100mill+ imo, its not like the PS3 is gonna be here for a year. Its gonna have atleast 5-10 years in the market. And it is the best console which ever way you look at it.

gnothe14256d ago

you say 5 to 10 years for the Ps3!! come on beforeal, the Ps2 was easily one of the BEST consoles with the biggest fan base an even it wont make it to 10 years. its at 7 years now, do you really see the Ps2 around for 3 more years. the fan base that the Ps2 has the Ps3 wont, so you'll expect them to hold this console longer than the old one with a smaller user base!!! not gonna happen!

warfed4255d ago

I am 100% sure its gonna last at least 3 more years, last psONE game was made in 2006... sony is not like microsoft when new console comes out it doesn't throw the old one away

jib4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

"Philipson believes the strong brand loyalty to Sony consoles will result in PS3 emulating the success of PS2 and PS1, which each sold more than 100 million units worldwide."

i disagree. brand loyalty? if that was the case then nintendo would still be on top today(which isn't the case after NES, SNES). strong brand loyalty for the ps1 and ps2 were there because both consoles earned it by having a great gaming library. Nintendo killed theirs by lacking that during the N64, Gamecube era.

IMO, i think sonys going to have to do a lot more to reach 100 million. the price alone won't allow it to get up there. factor in the strong, cheaper competition, i just can't see it happening. and for those of you whos going to mention price drops, it works both ways. the ps3 drops to 500, im sure the 360 premium would drop to 300. which would still be a 200 difference.

nix4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

but he was talking more about Sony as a company not a game console. what he was saying was Sony as a brand (universally, which means - tvs, cam-corders etc...) is trust-worthy enough... so eventually people who want to buy a console for the first time would go for Sony Playstation because he already may have a sony tv, or a cam-corder... etc.

and i think he was talking about the success of PS2 and PS1... not that it means that it's going to sell 100 millions... but you never know, with sony marketing PS3 as a multimedia player - it might just happen. but will take time.

EDIT: sorry.. yup, you got it right! q:

jib4256d ago

"Philipson believes the strong brand loyalty to Sony consoles"

i didn't think it was so universal: "brand loyalty to sony consoles." PS1 didn't sell a lot mainly because of the brand "sony" alone. good marketing, pricing, and great games were the main factors.

not saying its not possible for ps3 to reach 100 million by the way, just tryna point out that its going to be A LOT harder for sony to reach it this time around.