Sufficient blue laser diodes for PS3 says Sony.

A representative for Sony has announced that they now have a sufficient amount of blue laser diodes for the ps3. Because of this we could see a large increase in the production of ps3's to 5 million a month.

At present 1.7 million laser diodes are manufactured with Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor. Production could increase Sony according to own data to monthly 5 millions, if it requires the market situation.

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hulk_bash19874019d ago

As much as I hate to say it, I believe that even though its nice that their thinking about the future of the PS3 in this potential ability to produce 5 million units monthly, what they need to currently work on is finding an effective way to drop the PS3 price because even though some people believe that the PS3 current price is justified about 3 million people, me included the fact of the matter is that the $600 price tag is scaring away potential customers and that is evident in the number of overstocked PS3 in retail shops. Cuz what good is 5 more million units monthly if their current stock is not selling out.

side note: However I believe that this coupled with a price cut could greatly increase the PS3s install-base.

masterg4019d ago

Actually thats what they are doing.
By increasing the speed of production you lower the cost.

anh_duong4019d ago

lost in translation, i think the 5 million is really 5 million ps3 AND blu-ray players. don't think in it's heyday the ps2 ever sold anywhere near 5 mio in a month - so the number really means for both ps3 and blu-ray. this should help both blu-ray players and ps3's to drop in price since it most necessarily implies better yield.

DrRage774019d ago

yeah i agree with you. although it's great they are going to be able to ramp up production, i hardly see the point at this time due to the PS3 being availalbe to anyone that wants to go to a store and pick it up. it's not like the wii where you can't even find one online other than ebay. the ps3 will sell alot more if they drop the price BEFORE the holiday season. that is the key, only because you don't want to wait until november or december and hope the price drop is enough to get people to buy it....we need games games games!

hulk_bash19874018d ago

Dont get me wrong, if that is hopefully what this plan is preceding than that is gud news. But, im not sold completely on it until Sony comes out with the official word on a price cut. Maybe come July??? E3 anyone???

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Ban Me4019d ago

Why bother producing 5m a month when nearly every shop in the UK still has most of it's stock left? Just recall that and they'll have enough to last a good few years.

I'm not saying this as flame bait btw, I have no brand loyalty to any company or any console.

Ban Me4019d ago

Haha, who disagreed with me?

You think UK retailers are selling out? Then take a look for yourselves. Sales figures aside, just about every shop has the *majority* of their stock left. Not just one or two units, we're talking stacks.

The only thing in demand in the UK right now is the Wii.


masterg4019d ago

Good news. In 6 months the demand will be huge.
Not 5 million huge, but still huge.

decapitator4019d ago

5 million a month is crazy talk, unless they planning a price drop.

fenderputty4019d ago

This is all a step in bringing down production costs too. It's not just about supplying the demand.

kewlkat0074019d ago

was an issue early on when the PS3 was not out but, now that stores have overstock, and the console is not selling extremely well as expected, This should me much less of an issue. Sony should concentrate on selling your shipped goods first. Yeah and drop prices.

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The story is too old to be commented.