Movie-license games to improve, says Sega

Movie-licensed games have invariably turned out to be piles of old tosh - with a few notable exceptions - but that's about to change according to Sega of America's VP of marketing, Scott Steiner.

Why are licensed games commonly such rushed disasters? Steiner explains: "Hollywood really can throw a grenade to game companies; they'd throw a license grenade over the wall and game companies would have six months to build a game and market it. No surprise the game might not have been the greatest."

But, discussing Sega's recent expanded partnership with Marvel, Steiner explains how things look set to improve.

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Havince4046d ago

a load of rubbish, its like thats the requirement for them lol

hulk_bash19874046d ago

I'll believe it when I see it, with the exception of a hand full of good movie-license games most of the time their track record has been less than impressive.

nix4046d ago

we seriously need a good superman game!!! and AAA superheroes titles. all the superhero games so far sucked!!!

Tesla4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

We need Shenmue 3 !!!!!!!!!