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Submitted by Cyrus365 2327d ago | review

MyPS3: Demon's Souls Review

MyPS3 writes: "Demon's Souls is a RPG developed by From Software that fits nicely into a RPG starved out PS3 mob which is crying out for more RPGs to be released. Demon's Soul does fill some of that empty RPG space of some gamer's shelves, but its rather unforgiven nature, will appeal mostly to hardcore gamers and RPGS fans. It isn't very approachable for the casual gamer nor an entry RPG gamer." (Demon's Soul, Demon's Souls, PS3) 8/10

RememberThe357  +   2327d ago
I am literally scared of this game.
All this talk of how hard it is makes me think I'll just get pissed and brake my DualShock 3, and I love my DualShock 3. I think I'll rent it first to make sure I can handle it.
iHEARTboobs  +   2327d ago
Yeah, i'm a little intimidated. If I get it i'll most likely be getting the deluxe edition that comes with the strategy guide. I'll most likely get it.
Power_Of_Flops_  +   2327d ago
No, it's hard, but not that hard either. You've got messages from other players on the ground to help you, you can summon other players in you world to help you and if it's not enough (IT IS enough), you've got information on the net.

It's just most games are really easy today, so this one being more difficult, everybody points that.

It's never frustrating in my opinion, since you can always go and try another less difficult world (you go where you want after all).

On topic, 8/10 is a bit low in my opinion, it's more a 9/10 in my book, the game is stellar in graphics and ambience.
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njmzhang  +   2327d ago
Yeah, it's hard, until you learn how to play
TenSteps  +   2327d ago
It's only hard at first but once you get used to it it's not that hard sure the enemies and the bosses can be challenging but you'll soon get the hang of it.
Pandemic  +   2327d ago
It's funny because this isn't the Official MyPS3 review. This is just a user-submitted review. Haha.
SaiyanFury  +   2327d ago
Demon's Souls is hard. That's the point. The game wants you to play it as it wants to be played. I imported it, and the levels aren't so hard as long as you know how to approach them as well as the bosses. The game rewards good play and punishes bad play. It's the epitome of a hardcore game and doesn't apologise for it. Don't get this game if you're expecting something to take your hand and lead you through. Demon's Souls is a classic example of the King's Field series. You prepare for the levels or you pay with death. Enough said.
Mr_Bun  +   2327d ago
I imported this game a while ago and I have yet to see anyone claim that it is so hard that they stopped playing it....challenging would be a better term to define the gameplay.

As it has been stated above, it does get easier as you play and this has to be one of my favorite PS3 titles to date.
ArsArcanum  +   2327d ago
i imported this game a while ago, and i must mention the feeling of satisfaction after beating a boss, is similar to feeling of getting a platinum trophy

Yes it is difficult, but it is also extremely rewarding every time u beat a level. Games these days just don't give the same feeling anymore.
nycredude  +   2327d ago
To all those on the fence about this game. Three words!

Get off it! This game is no less than a 9 in my book. It is one of if not the best game this gen so far and the immersion is complete.

Do not let the perceived difficulty scare you away. It IS hard, don't get me wrong, but it is always fair. If you die then it is because you made a mistake, wasn't careful enough, or got impatient and tried to hack and slash.

Read the Eurogamer review of this game as I've read all the review prior to purchasing and this one is the most well written and accurate review out there.
Ilikegames76  +   2327d ago
It's like playing
Diablo 2. If you've played Diablo 2, this game is no big deal. You die a lot in Diablo 2.
RememberThe357  +   2327d ago
Oh, well I played Dialbo 2 for years.
I guess I'm straight.
ThanatosDMC  +   2327d ago
Dont bother with the strategy guide. Help is all over the place when you play online with deaths and pitfalls right next to them...

I hope i can kill y'all with my Chinese version of Demon's Souls when the game comes out to NA. I will slaughter you!

I will spam Acid Cloud on newbs. It breaks weapons and armor so you'll have to pay a lot to repair them... hehehe.
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Cel  +   2327d ago
I am playing the import version at the moment ...
I have to say that I'm really enjoying the game so far. The English Wiki says it all - "Figuring it out, one death at a time".

It can get very frustrating at times - for example if you "die" and cannot make your way back to collect your souls - but once you manage to make it to the level boss and defeat it it's very satisfying. The atmosphere is excellent in my opinion and the game manages to keep me on my toes at all times.

I'm 16 hours into the game now and so far managed to banish 3 bosses (taking my time as rushing through the game will most likely result in ending up dead on the floor) ... so I'm likely to need another 60 hours to beat the game.
CaptainKratos  +   2327d ago
i will...
RULE THIS GAME!!!! 5 years when i finally make it past the first level!!!lol. but seriously i can't wait.
VsAssassin  +   2327d ago
Guys listen to me...
Death in this game is the integral part of the experience. I know it's scary because of the reviews stating that it's hard. Well I can say that you will and should die in this game. Why? Because you will learn ho to deal with enemies this way. Not to mention rack up experience points when dying (during co-op) and offline, provided that you get to your body without dying again.

Do yourselves a favor and give this game a chance. Or better yet, chances. :D
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2327d ago
Honestly I love hard games. Love the challenge. I'm very interested in this game.
callahan09  +   2327d ago
I don't particularly like hard games (unless it's the harder difficulties of a game I got to play through on normal or easier difficulties first, enjoyed it a lot, and then decided to try my hand at experiencing it with more challenge). I play games to relax and enjoy myself, not to get worked up and frustrated. Some challenge is essential to the experience, for sure, but when I just completely fail at something I get frustrated quickly and can't enjoy myself.

Demon's Souls is not that hard of a game. I got the platinum trophy in this game and never really felt overwhelmed or frustrated by it. I died quite a number of times, sure, but I mean... it just doesn't really feel like that hard of a game to me. It's just something that you learn as you go. The first time you go to a new area, you won't be expecting some specific event or enemy, or know how to deal with what they do, but before long, you'll have it all down and you start to develop the tactics that will aid you in your adventure.

Blocking, dodging, parrying, using the right attacks/spells/miracles at the right time... That's what it's all about. It's a game that can go from seemingly impossible to really easy within a few deaths just by truly learning what to do.

All in all, I'd say that if you like challenging games, this game is for you, and yet if you are easily frustrated with challenges, this game can still appeal to you, as it did to me, because - while dying is frequent - learning comes quickly with this one, too. In this way it is one of the most perfect "hardcore" games I've played this generation, because it gets the balancing so right. The game is only as tough as you let it be, if you let it get the best of you, you'll be crying, but if you open your mind, try different things, go slowly and learn the best course of action, it can be a elegant experience and you'll be able to appreciate it without getting annoyed at the deaths you'll suffer.

I don't know if I've done a great job articulating the way the game's difficulty and challenges translate for different types of gamers, but I tried. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game when it comes out! It's a great one, we haven't seen a game of its kind in generations.
skatezero246  +   2327d ago
def. getting this game, i've been waiting for a hard game in I don't know how long
xabmol  +   2327d ago
I hate RPGs!
But, for some reason, I keep getting more and more interested in this one. I might just pick it up when it comes stateside. If I'm not already broke...
Ilikegames76  +   2327d ago
If you plan on getting this game,
don't get the Asian version as there are a lot of seasoned veterans playing on Asian server right now. Some of the players are wicked, meaning they will PvP you with their high level characters.
Taz X14  +   2327d ago
This reviewer has no idea about anything this game has to offer.
Not once does he mention things like character tendencies or world tendencies, which are the bread and butter of the game changing it dramatically. The reason people are playing it again and again is because of these (for those that do not know, the tendencies are kind of like whether you've been good/bad in a world or if you've been helping people or killing them as a phantom. Doing actions can change things by possibly giving you more life in soul form, or your body back, or extra souls in each given area).

Then with the story, he obviously hasn't made it anywhere into the game because the story is much like a shadow of the collussus story where you're given next to nothing from the getgo then as you go through it are given little tidbits until close to the end of it all.

While he does make some good comments on the game, he obviously has no idea what has made this game such a hit. This game has such environments and intense moment which are only built up more by the difficulty that it gives you a #@%load of holy &%$@ moments that just makes the game great to go through again and again.

A lot of his comments are similar to complaining about Valkyrie Profile without really experiencing the game in it's fullest! I'll tell all of you true rpgers out there, this game is much different than what you're used to, but give it a chance and it'll grow on you as much as any other classic has if not more.
onanie  +   2327d ago
Indeed. I was hesitant about the game for the first 5 hours or so, but now i'm 200+ hours in and enjoying it thoroughly.

You really need to put in the hours to see what the game has to offer. And it offers a lot, as you pointed out.
hawkie007  +   2327d ago
Agree with Taz X14. The review does a pretty good job in describing the game but anyone considering buying this needs to read what Taz X14 added as some crucial elements were missed in the review. I consider Demon's Souls the best purchase on my PS3 to date and am sure this game will go down as a classic for anyone who can stick with it past the first level.
gravv  +   2327d ago
best PS3 game i've played this year not kz2 or infamous.... and maybe uncharted 2 will topple this
Jdoki  +   2327d ago
This game isn't hard as such - it just requires gamers to snap out of this hand holding, spoon-fed malaise they have fallen in to with the current wave of no-skill-required games that are dumbed down by the 'must capture casual market' finance guys at publishers.

This game makes you play 'smart', think about every step you take in the game. So Suck it up wimps, this game rocks.

Ravage27  +   2327d ago
yep he didn't mention the tendency mechanic
which is the thing that adds so much replay value to this game. I just hope that they will add ingame explanation when they rerelease it this fall.

Odd thing is, i thought the challenge was one of the main reasons that made this game so ADDICTING
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2327d ago
Damn, those graphics are pretty slick, those boss fights look epic as hell!
paracardium  +   2327d ago
People should be embrassed on be intimidated by a game..Games should be challenging so you can get your money's worth out of it. If your scared to play this stick to the simpleton console like Wii where the games are for the 8 year old and under crowd.
godkiller  +   2327d ago
Reviwer not a gamer his a sapi
Fin ds 2 weeks after came out, plat for it.
This guy hasn't played this fully, and should b ashamed to call himself a gamer.
I give it 10 outa 10
sacred 2 also plated , did noib solo.8 outa 10
plated infamous 8 outa 10.
If any you got plats for terminator or transformors, how the hell u can have those crap plats, I could get em useing my feet to play, b embarresed have em in my collection.
Psn clearwaterunin.
Better to burn out , than fade away!!
Darkfiber  +   2327d ago
This better be just some random idiot's blog and not an official site. I really really hope this guy didn't get paid to write this review. This is one of the worst written reviews I have ever read. Full of spelling and grammatical errors, and just plain nonsense at times...ugh, how do people like this get writing jobs?!
JonnyBigBoss  +   2327d ago
Outstanding and underrated RPG.

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