Microsoft executive urges game-industry diversity

Karen Wilkins-Mickey tells the Women In Games Conference that minorities and women are playing games--and they need to be represented in the industry.

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Maddens Raiders4201d ago

no one gives a damn about this. Racists and bigots rule the world! That's why we're all doomed. Cheers

level 3604201d ago

Include sexists as well, because your one of them bozo...

Rooted_Dust4201d ago

Minorities are exactly that the minority. No developer is going to make a game with such limited sales potential. Anyways who hasn't been catered too in the video game industry yet? If women and minorities are already playing games, then they must like whats already being offered. What kind of games do female gamers want, that havent been made already?!?!

WilliamRLBaker4201d ago

The point the article was trying to make was more then games targeted at minorities or women, it was an all around commentary about how the game industry still isn't trying hard to bring women and minorities into gaming.

I.E:geting them jobs as programmers..ect