Halo 3 Developer Defends Short Beta

An update on Bungie's community website has defended the length of the Halo 3 beta, suggesting that resources will be better spent making improvements to the game than looking after the beta for an extended period.

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Dukester1014132d ago

There will be plenty of time to play the FULL version of the game. Why waste time playing an incomplete game- even if it is Halo.

The point of the Beta is to "whet your appetite" for Halo 3, as well as to give the developer an idea on what to shoot for by release, and in addition to fix any bugs that are present.

The Beta should not be any longer than it is, because that timeframe will give the developers all the information they need. The only reason people want it longer is because they're anxious for the game, and want it to be out NOW!

Why spoil the full retail version with an incomplete build?

ACE4132d ago

would u know if its still possible to play the beta even though i didn't register with bungie?

God of Gaming4132d ago

Ace... easiest way is to pick up a copy of Crackdown with the Halo 3 beta logo on the cover. I saw them in the case at target this weekend, so you can still get in.

God of Gaming4132d ago

I have no problem with the 3 week window, this is a beta.. not a demo. They want to test out the matchmaking system and in 3 weeks they will gain a ton of data to help them out. And lets be honest, its about making us WANT more!

gta_cb4131d ago

there is only one thing i would have asked, which is to make the beta over a holiday/ half term lol ;)