Forza Motorsport 2 date confirmed

Despite the game's release date in America recently being announced as May 29, Microsoft has just confirmed that Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360 will be released in the UK on June 8 this year.

Speaking to Pro-G, Microsoft UK's Xbox and Games PR Manager Andy Irving said "Forza is on track for the 8th of June".

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predator4250d ago

why oh why oh why, oh well C&C3 will keep me busy till then

P4KY B4250d ago

The Europeans will own the US on Live.
Everyone knows americans cant go around corners. LOL

Any news on a release date for the demo?

PS360PCROCKS4250d ago

Oh it's on Euro boy, lol I got the demo to really get my skills in check.

Gamer134250d ago

Can,t wait.

IM OUT...///"""

PS360PCROCKS4250d ago

um it's like 9 you cry over spilt milk also?

gta_cb4250d ago

just wanna say, i DONT care as we will be getting a demo soon... i hope at least, and also this will be perfect timing to when the Halo 3 beta finishes :P hehe!

P.S. i do with that they would release it at the same time as the US!

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