Golden Sun: An Introduction

Nintendo's E3 press conference had its ups and downs this year. But midway through, it had a big positive for a small part of the audience: Golden Sun DS. Though not as shocking an announcement as Metroid: Other M or as flashy as Mario Galaxy 2, it was easily the most important news for the DS, though that isn't saying a lot. But why did the third game in a cult GBA series last seen in 2003 garner such applause at the conference? This primer will clue you in on why Golden Sun is worthy of your attention.

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shadowfish3233d ago

Golden sun, loved that game.

Lucreto3233d ago

Mine too

I got to dig them out and play them again.

Blaze9293233d ago

Golden sun was freakin beast. Every RPG fan if not Gameboy Advance owner (and Nintendo DS owners) NEED to play Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age. Those games were to amazing of an EXPERIENCE.

Sucks that I have to buy a Nintendo DS now to play the new announced one honestly, not a DS fan but at the same time, guess I can check out that Kingdom Hearts game as well.

Black Maverick3233d ago

Still one of my favorite RPG series of all time. Both games were epic. I remember being in high school in the middle of class playing with my GBA under my desk, trying to level up Isaac and the rest of the party. Good times.

Redempteur3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )


trully a nice twist ... i wanted a true world map and instead i got a world even more unique ...

using the trident in ordre to break the barrier of poseidon i think was also a very nice moment ...

and i think i spent 3 hours at least reading the minds of many in order to laugh more ...

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xino3233d ago

all they ever write are trash articles!

-x.Red.x-3233d ago

loved GS 1 and 2

can't wait for GSDS

Etseix3233d ago

best GBA games *hands down*

thats all i got to say

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