"Coral Sea" Unlocked in Battlefield 1943 on Xbox 360 -- 43 Million Kills+ Reached

From Xbox Evolved:

"Xbox 360 community quickly won EA's challenge of reaching 43 million accumulative kills over PlayStation 3 community since 1943's launch."

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JasonXE3236d ago

Did we ever doubt the Xbox 360 wouldn't win? Pretty big gap in kills count for over "24 million PSN" accounts. ;)

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Megaton3236d ago

Came out a day earlier and has supposedly 9 million more consoles out there. Is there anyone who DIDN'T see it going down like this?

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Blaze9293236d ago

EA started the timer and counter on both systems that Friday thus giving an equal shot. 9 million more consoles? Ok but how many total 360 owners are Gold members vs PSN owners who can all play for free?

Don't know know if you really care, doesnt seem like so. Neither do I. This will easily get changed into a 360 vs ps3/live vs psn thing. But hey, as with any competition comes bragging rights from the winner.

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SevWolf3236d ago

yh that was fast...I'm gonna say the same thing I, and everybody else on the forums, said, Congrats for the people who devoted there time, I personally don't care(don't own the game yet), and by the time im off my vac and playing it, the map will be unlocked, but still congrats to who actually bothered :)

ThanatosDMC3236d ago

Guess, they didnt have anything else better to play? Did anybody think of that... ouch.

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Blaze9293236d ago

LIVE Activity for week of July 6th

1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty: WaW
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
5 Battlefield 1943
7 FIFA 09
8 Left 4 Dead
9 UFC 2009 Undisputed
10 Fallout 3

At #5 they managed to clock in over 43 million kills since Friday with thousands (millions?) of other gamers still playing other games.

Try again ThanatosDMC

SevWolf3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

@ peach: yup you're absolutely right, sony failed this Gen, and the article and proof you chose also shows this very well, you're right just because people who bought Battlefield 1943 on the PS3 couldn't get 43,000,000(which still to me is a ridiculous number lol) in a weeks time, means the PS3 is a failure, oh and BTW seems you're new hear let me show you something called Open Zone, it's your type of Zone apparently its right there ->>>>>>>@ blaze: I can't believe you actually bothered to go and look up the activities this week, wait I can't believe I bothered replying to your comment lol

DaTruth3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Getting something for free doesn't make you use it more. Paying for something makes you want to get the most for your money(unless you pay per use) i.e. If you play one hour a year, you payed $50 for one hour.

Free is the same free whether you play it or not!

ThanatosDMC3236d ago

HAHAHAH! I just wrote that for fun. I cant believe people actually put some effort to debunk me. I love N4G!

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NS3236d ago

And i am sure the PSN activity Chart has all those multi-plat games plus KZ2, Warhawk and R2 on it. So your point being?.

The Master Chief3236d ago

lol @ JasonXE

Those "24 million PSN accounts" include PSP, online, PS3, sub accounts which u can make for free, all the accounts people use to get America, Europe and Japan.

To pretend like there are as many people gaming on PSN as XBL, is a joke at best.

gamesR4fun3236d ago

however EA has since said they have at least fixed the counter for the kill count, at one point reading zero for PlayStation 3 even though the game was out for two days

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JustinSaneV23236d ago

Jumping the gun aren't we? 42161480 kills according the official site.

Blaze9293236d ago

seems to have been a server error. At the time of checking, the video was up and numbers for the xbox 360 were pass 43 million. Nonetheless now, its official.

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heavymetal3k3236d ago

9 million more 360's, so not a big suprise

darthv723236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

more people bought the ps3 for blu movies than previously thought.

just kidding.

they will get there soon enough. At least they know what prize is waiting for the one who gets that final bullet shot. To bad EA couldnt make this a cross platform game.

Elnino93236d ago

who are playing halo 3 instead lool

Lord_Ranos3236d ago