PC Games, Once Down, Show Signs of Rebound

Navigating the aisles of a GameStop video game store in Midtown Manhattan, Bennett Kirschner passed by the latest titles for consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 2 and 3, and Nintendo's runaway hit, the Wii - all lit and displayed like best-selling novels.

Instead, from a less ostentatious corner in the basement, he selected a $40 game that would play more than reasonably well on his three-year-old Dell personal computer. The game is Civilization IV, part of a series of strategy games in which a player, like a god, develops a stone-age culture into a modern one.

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gta_cb4135d ago

“It’s not just killing unlimited enemies on a screen,” he said." ummm... dont you do the same with a PC first person shooter?... i know im a PC gamer aswell but i prefer going on my 360 to be honest.

everyone has there own opinion but the fact he says "“It’s not just killing unlimited enemies on a screen,” he said." is just ignorant when i expect he hasnt even played a PS3 or XBox 360. i expect hes just guessing what its like from playing a PS2 or XBox1, but when i got my 360 it is soo... much different then the old generation consoles, you really feel in the game when your playing against/ with your mates/ random people, i can especially relate to this when i have to work with someone on Gears of War when it comes down to 4 against 2 (me being on the 2 side lol)

Lacarious4134d ago

I do recall a story on how PC gaming is going to crush console gaming... in fact..... I think I've been reading various versions of that story since 1990.