Warning: Update Your Wii Browser

McAfee is warning that a JPEG image with a malformed header can crash the Wii's Internet Channel. Opera recently released version 9.10 that has patched the problem. But it's not automatic; the browser has to be manually updated via the Wii Store.

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ITR4258d ago

McAfee Wii edition?

Updated my Opera the day it came out.
I guess this still will affect the DS Opera Browser?

nice_cuppa4258d ago

i dont use the ps3 or wii either as i was expecting this at some point !

anthonsh4258d ago

Technically, its the TRIAL version that came out in January that is vulnerable.

If you havnt downloaded the new version yet, you should, its better and only free until the end of June.

ITR4258d ago

Then it cost 500 wii points.