First quarter console sales: Nintendo rules the roost

This time last year the previous generation of consoles were dying in the face of slowing software support, and this year only one of the next-generation consoles is supply-constrained. The market has also seen the release of many updates to already successful franchises. After last month it was a safe bet that the numbers for March sales would improve over last year, and they have, by 33 percent.

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neogeo4229d ago

And I quote at least 20 gamestop employees.
"Nintendo will soon go 3rd party like Sega, Nintendo is finished"


PS360WII4229d ago

People have been saying that since N64 and yet Nintendo is still here...

InMyOpinion4229d ago

Did you ever hear of such a thing called the Nintendo DS? Some say people are buying it, and lots of it.

Qbanj694229d ago

Fake.... I refuse to believe the gamecube sold 69,000 units.

I didn't even think it existed anymore.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Zelda did come out recently.
it might be the people who didn`t know you don`t have to buy a wii to play it.

ChickeyCantor4229d ago

But what you think doesnt matter if this is a fact then refuse al you want it wont change a thing.

heil reality!

ITR4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I use to sell 1-2 GC every week. So I believe it.
Why did folks buy it? It's cheaper then the PS2 and they can't afford a Wii yet, let alone anything else.

Close_Second4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

...The number of fanboys yet to pick up their prized PS3 could probably be counted on one hand. Therefore, in order for Sony to head up the sales chart they need some AAA games and a price drop. Titles like Singstar are not going to shift many PS3s at their current price level. The games also need to show significant quality over what the 360 (or PS2) can offer otherwise whats the point. This is a war based on games not on what format movies you can watch.

Microsoft also needs to release some AAA titles to hold their current spot as nothing substantial has been released since Gears of War half a year ago (when I say substantial I mean exclusives that will shift hardware!).

I would not say there is a death toll for the PS3 as yet, however unless (non fanboy) consumers have a real reason to pay a premium for a games console why would they? And again, forget the blu-ray argument as it alone will not shift PS3 consoles, especially when cheap high-def players are just around the corner.

Monty_The_Great4229d ago

like myself and yourself, are the only ones who care about AAA or AA status of games. Most people buy games because of name recognition and commercials, or hype. Not becasue a game is AAA or AA. The hasn't sold like crazy because it only has maybe 1 or 2 AAA, it sells like crazy because its cool, and frankly, because celebrities say they like it to.

_insane_cobra4229d ago

Unfortunately, that's true, just look at all those Disney movie tie-ins. Not all of them are bad games, mind you, but they sure as hell aren't AAA releases.

At this point, PS3 moving up from its current position, even with some decent games coming out this year (but how many apart from MGS4 will be true system sellers?), seems like a very unreasonable expectation.

NextGen24Gamer4229d ago

NPD numbers leave out major retail chains. And are only USA numbers. That being said. In 3 months the 360 has managed to sell and average of 240 thousand a month in the USA. After Christmas. Without the numbers from Walmart, ect....Without the numbers from Europe, Australia, and all the other territories MS is selling the 360 in. Thats pretty darn good. The 360 is outselling the "newer" ps3 in the USA...without some major retail outlets, by over 100 thousand a month. How do sony fans spin this now? Its so funny to me because I recall DJ, JIn, Achira and many others talking big stuff prior to the ps3 launch. And now they scramble to put spin on horrible sales of the "new" ps3. The launch..coupled with the holidays was suppose to be a spike in sales. The fact of the matter is....The Wii is Sony's worst nighmare. The Wii stole all of Sony's thunder....It doesn't compete with the xbox 360 because next gen developers are focussed on the 360 and PC's....then porting a few games to the ps3. Gamers will flock to where the games are. And right now the 360 dominates in that area. ANd now with the Elite releasing....Many of the gamers who haven't jumped in yet with sony or MS....Can make an easier choice with the Elite having "No weaknesses" to "most" gamers. Blu ray is not the reason "casual" gamers will pick up a video game console. Its all about the "games" and "price". MS has both.

When MS releases their financial quarterly report...I would assume they sold anywhere between 1.3 and 1.8 million 360's worldwide in this last quarter. Watch and see folks. Since the launch of the 360 MS has sold between 1.3 at a low to 4 million a quarter. With the 4 million being during the christmas months. If you do the math....From puts total sales as of today at about 11.5 million sold. So by may/june the 360 should be between 12-13 million sold.

Bullseye4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

the one thing you haven't mentioned that could gradually make a difference is the 'casual' gamers familiarity with the Sony brand name. I suspect at the moment many casual gamers are put off the PS3,because of price.However, when the PS3 drops in price as it inevitably will, then things could change dramatically.This is ,because if you ask many casual gamer about the 360, some don't know it exists,others are not sure what it is and how it compares and therefore won't buy and other simply rely on the fact that Sony has a machine and most have had a Sony machine before.In the short term at least,the obvious choice is a 360 for all the reasons you mention,but long term thing are not so clear cut.To be honest,i find neither console is producing enough quality games to warrant a purchase,but that's just me.

FadeToBlack4229d ago

I have to start off by saying, if you dont know what an xbox 360 is you must not get out of the house and go to any stores much or dont do a ny gaming at all. Secondly casual gamers arent going to spend $600 to play the 2 great games the ps2 has so far and they wont have much else untill the end of the year. I have come close to pulling the trigger on it but i just couldent justify spending $700 to play resistance, so I will wait till they have more software and probably by that time they will be cheaper. As far as the Wii goes, I managed to pick up one yesterday morning and its indeed fun to play and sells well to the casual gamer because of its price and simple controls. But its not in the same catagory as the 360 or ps3 in my opinion. These are more directed at the hardcore multimedia user and gamer. In the end the Wii will surpase the 360 (unless they drop the 360 price to compare to the wii at $250) and the PS3 will remain in 3rd unless they make it cheaper and improve their software lineup substantialy.

FeralPhoenix4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I don't think that's the norm....yes I would definitely agree that Sony does have the stronger brand name, but these days I don't think there are very many people at all who don't know of the 360 at all....I mean I've heard it called many, many things by older people and people who just don't have a clue about videogame systems at all..."Micro box", "Game Box", "PC game machine", etc. -so yes the avg Joe who doesn't care or pay attention to gaming at all might not know the name but its rare that I ever talk to anyone who isn't at least aware that M$ makes a videogame console....but these are the types who are unlikely to buy ANY gaming console anyway, except as for a gift to someone who has specifically asked or told them about it.

Now as far as the "casual gamer" goes, first of all how can they be even called a casual gamer if they don't even know the 360 exists?, OK ha,ha -I'm sure a few fanboys can make some interesting jokes about that question but seriously who knows there is a PS3 but has know idea the 360 even exists and what rock has he been living under.....hell my job requires me to travel every so often to different locations all over the world and its weird sometimes but I see a little bit of 360 and PS ads almost everywhere. -So anyone slightly interested in gaming does know about the 360, the difference is that PS already has a established reputation....and as I always said brand recognition is always a plus, which does indeed help Sony, but it only takes you so far, in business its always "What have you done for me lately?", because consumers are fickle, (not hardcore fans) the mass consumer is always the key to any market and they usually end up buying the best value, fortunately for M$, Sony and Wii....the best value isn't neccessarily that clear cut, all 3 have appeal to a wider range of people, which is why I believe that all 3 consoles could enjoy a significant percentage of market share, of course in the end somebody will end up the leader, but its not too far fetch to think it could be very close like say, 38, 32, 30 ???...IMO I think M$ is the key player, but who knows?,....either way the real winner will be the GAMERS!

Balance4229d ago

the thing about "casual gamers" which i do agree with you have some more familiraity with the playstation and sony name however a casual gamer will not shell out $600+ for a system so i think that group is a non-issue.

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