IBM and MIT complete first course based on PS3's Cell Broadband Engine

It is becoming more and more evident that Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) can be used in an array of useful things other than playing video games. There's [email protected] and the NC university professor who created a supercomputer using eight PS3 units among many others. Sony is even now considering the possible commercial uses of the console.

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Ps30073928d ago

Wheres the 3d pong demo?

Maddens Raiders3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I programmed my PS3 to cook me eggs and bacon every morning and it even splashes the plate with "K.K. sixaxis sauce" for that extra CELL flavor. M-m-m-m good.

No really...this is pretty cool, I wonder if there are study materials / guides available to the PS3 owning public in order to run these types of tests or experiments ourselves?

Bill Gates3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Kyur4ThePain.....along with some others on this site have a very good view of the BIG picture with Cell. The Cell processor will be very popular in the coming years and we are actually witnessing a birth of a whole new generation of technology with the introduction of the PS3.

Some people really need to wake up, and start to see the big picture in what's actually happening with the introduction of the PS3, or they'll be left behind in the next phase of technology.

bamdad3928d ago

The Cell processor is a monster. they should release it for new PCs. specially in researches & numerical calculations & simulations. the thing is just incredible. my friends at the university couldnt believe the simulations it could do...nice, sony should start releasing its own CPUs!...i sound like a kid now :))

BIadestarX3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I think the cell is bringing a lot to the table in terms of power. I think the fact that the cell is proving to be worth it will push other CPU manufaturers to do better. Also, I don't undertand why so many people refer to the cell as the PS3 cell.. when it should be the other way around. The PS3 is just one application of the cell. If it succeed and they find more applications we will probably see it on cell phones and other electronic devices. Not for nothing but IBM and Sony need to stop trying to market the cell as a linux/unix only CPU. They should try to reach the PC and the Mac market. (Yeah I know Sony fanboys wouldn't want the Cell to power windows since it's microsoft, but it's just a thought)

DJ3928d ago

Experience Index score would be if it ran on Cell...=P

gta_cb3928d ago

@ DJ i am running a AMD Athlon 64bit 3400+ (single core)
and my CPU got a rating of 4.9 i expect the cell would get a rating of about 8 times as good as mine (as it has eight cores and is a "monster" lol :P

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