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Submitted by Mizz_mai 2398d ago | news

Capcom To Give-a-way Special Monster Hunter PSP

As we all craze over the Monster Hunter Fiesta which will sadly end in September, (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Freedon Unite, PSP)

EXCLUSIVEGAMER  +   2398d ago
I rrrrrrrrrrike it
Ninji  +   2398d ago
The contest just consists of beating a certain monster within the fastest time to win? CWCheat will come in handy for people who want to win this contest. Now it will become a contest to see which person can cheat and not be the most obvious. Somebody could use cheats and then beat the boss or w/e within 7 minutes and somebody could even beat the boss within 15 seconds or so but obviously they will find out if you used cheats when beating the boss within 15 seconds.

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