Halo Wars update 04.19.07

Over at Ensemble Studios official forums for Halo Wars an update was posted with a short Q&A with lead designer Graeme Devine. He says that "We are cranking away on the development of Halo Wars, and recently passed another milestone. (Yes, this can be rather unpleasant sometimes) These deadlines for having features in the game start to come fast and furious when you're well into development on a game, and it certainly feels like we're at that point now."

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zonetrooper54018d ago

Well at least its coming along, hopefully we get to see an ingame trailer at E3. Does this game release in 2007 or 2008?

snoop_dizzle4018d ago

this has a great chance of being good, considering ensemble studios is working on it.

id dot entity4018d ago

I hope that Halo Wars isn't going to be AoE in the future. Don't like the way the AoE franchise plays. God make them come up with something revolutionary!

Diselage4018d ago

I'm pretty sure this is going to be more of a 2008 release. Really doesn't seem like they're far enough along for an 07 release and not to mention that I doubt they want Halo Wars competing with Halo 3.

God of Gaming4018d ago

Certainly 2008... we have plenty of halo goodness for 2007 on the way.

poontab4018d ago

wait it's an rts right? uh oh everyone know's they suck on console's and that means the only reason why their allowing development is to try to get me to use vista!

Lygre4018d ago

Halo Wars will be a 360 exclusive. And people said/say that FPS sucks on console. Well look at of the biggest games out there. RTS works on consoles as well.

I'm looking forward to the first ingame screenshots and video of Halo Wars.

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