Video: Jack Thompson Angered by IGDA Head's Criticism

GamePolitics has a write up about when Jack Thompson was blaming video games for the massacre at VTU Jason Della Rocca, executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)had this to say:

It's so sad. These massacre chasers - they're worse than ambulance chasers - they're waiting for these things to happen so they can jump on their soapbox.

On Saturday morning, Thompson was interviewed on MSNBC. He rehashed his theory that madman Seung-Hui Cho trained for the VTU rampage on Counter-strike some five years ago, when the 23-year-old mass murderer was still in high school.

Near the end of the interview, however, anchor Alex Witt threw the Della Rocca quote at Thompson, whose anger was palpable. Check out the video:

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deathtok4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

The game industry generates a lot of money every year, I believe that it has surpassed Hollywood in revenue generated (though please fact check me!). For example, it would be fair to say that violent crimes are committed by people who watch movies or attend religious services too. By coincidence alone crimes are going to committed by people of all backgrounds including gamers. The two are not always related. So where is his crusade against movies, religion or hell human nature?

I can't wait until his 15 minutes are up.

wildcat4227d ago

I bet you anything that the shooter would have done this regardless of if he played videogames, you can't "train" on videogames because however you want to put it, it's not the real thing. You don't have a real life person in front of you, you're supposed to know it's a program. How about getting these people counseling or help, removing violent videogames will not stop these shootings because these people will still be the same person with the same intentions.

UltimaFire4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

What all these people fail to notice is the very fine line between us gamers, who have our fun playing these so called "murder simulators" and then go back to the real world, and the people who commit this school shootings.
It's a line called Morality, we know we can't in reality do the things we do in say GTA because the world doesn't work that way. Granted there may have been cases in my darkest hours where I would have liked to kill somebody. But you know it wont solve anything, and that ya couldn't do it, because it's the wrong thing to do.
But in every case of school shootings, the shooters have clearly shown that they've got nothing to lose. They have no morality at all. Like the columbine kids where just wreaked after all the crap they went through in school, and this guy cho was clearly mentally instable. But surely like the games they played did this to them like. These points arn't new at all, yet they're being overlooked.

What i'd like to see is This Jack thompson do a interview with the IGDA head. Hell, they don't even say anything else that the IGDA guy said. they just took the bit that was about jack, so he could defend his so called credability. Have one of these news stations show some balls by having the other side of the arguement for once.

techie4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Uh. He does not have any logic.

You need to stop the psychhological effects at the root. The videogame is not the root. The root is poverty, mental health, social relationships etc etc. Why isn't he targetting films like The Galdiator which is about the killing of other people for entertainment...I mean that's just as absurd.

And do you know what. He just stated a flaw in his argument right there. "Smoking is a known cause for lung cancer, but not everybody gets lung cancer from smoking"...right ok. But we don't BAN cigarrettes...what we do is put an age limit on the purchase of cigarrettes. Uh this guys reasoning is flawed in so many ways.

fenderputty4227d ago

between cigarettes and cancer as if video games caused violence in the same way. If that were true, we would have Virginia Tech like things happen all the time. That guy is tool.

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