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Video: Jack Thompson Angered by IGDA Head's Criticism

GamePolitics has a write up about when Jack Thompson was blaming video games for the massacre at VTU Jason Della Rocca, executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)had this to say:

It's so sad. These massacre chasers - they're worse than ambulance chasers - they're waiting for these things to happen so they can jump on their soapbox.

On Saturday morning, Thompson was interviewed on MSNBC. He rehashed his theory that madman Seung-Hui Cho trained for the VTU rampage on Counter-strike some five years ago, when the 23-year-old mass murderer was still in high school.

Near the end of the interview, however, anchor Alex Witt threw the Della Rocca quote at Thompson, whose anger was palpable. Check out the video: (Culture, Industry)

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deathtok  +   3214d ago
done with this guy
The game industry generates a lot of money every year, I believe that it has surpassed Hollywood in revenue generated (though please fact check me!). For example, it would be fair to say that violent crimes are committed by people who watch movies or attend religious services too. By coincidence alone crimes are going to committed by people of all backgrounds including gamers. The two are not always related. So where is his crusade against movies, religion or hell human nature?

I can't wait until his 15 minutes are up.
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wildcat  +   3214d ago
It's so frustrating
I bet you anything that the shooter would have done this regardless of if he played videogames, you can't "train" on videogames because however you want to put it, it's not the real thing. You don't have a real life person in front of you, you're supposed to know it's a program. How about getting these people counseling or help, removing violent videogames will not stop these shootings because these people will still be the same person with the same intentions.
UltimaFire  +   3214d ago
What all these people fail to notice is the very fine line between us gamers, who have our fun playing these so called "murder simulators" and then go back to the real world, and the people who commit this school shootings.
It's a line called Morality, we know we can't in reality do the things we do in say GTA because the world doesn't work that way. Granted there may have been cases in my darkest hours where I would have liked to kill somebody. But you know it wont solve anything, and that ya couldn't do it, because it's the wrong thing to do.
But in every case of school shootings, the shooters have clearly shown that they've got nothing to lose. They have no morality at all. Like the columbine kids where just wreaked after all the crap they went through in school, and this guy cho was clearly mentally instable. But surely like the games they played did this to them like. These points arn't new at all, yet they're being overlooked.

What i'd like to see is This Jack thompson do a interview with the IGDA head. Hell, they don't even say anything else that the IGDA guy said. they just took the bit that was about jack, so he could defend his so called credability. Have one of these news stations show some balls by having the other side of the arguement for once.
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techie  +   3214d ago
Uh. He does not have any logic.

You need to stop the psychhological effects at the root. The videogame is not the root. The root is poverty, mental health, social relationships etc etc. Why isn't he targetting films like The Galdiator which is about the killing of other people for entertainment...I mean that's just as absurd.

And do you know what. He just stated a flaw in his argument right there. "Smoking is a known cause for lung cancer, but not everybody gets lung cancer from smoking"...right ok. But we don't BAN cigarrettes...what we do is put an age limit on the purchase of cigarrettes. Uh this guys reasoning is flawed in so many ways.
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fenderputty  +   3214d ago
I like how he tries to make the connention
between cigarettes and cancer as if video games caused violence in the same way. If that were true, we would have Virginia Tech like things happen all the time. That guy is tool.
T-Virus  +   3214d ago
He seems pissed when people say that, so I'm referring to him as the massacre chaser from now on.
Premonition  +   3214d ago
He talks about counter strike
a game has never played lol "its a game where you blow people away" give me a freaking break, he has no right to talk about games he knows nothing of, one day theres gonna be a gaming fan such as cho, thats gonna be set out to get this guy if he keeps talking garbage.
Mal Reynolds  +   3214d ago
If Jack would for once stop trying to blame something and try to enter the mind of one of these shooters he would see that it is not video games that make them murderers. All entertainment plays a part in this...movies, music, television, the news...everything can drive a person with a mental disorder to murder. What he needs to realize is how easy it is to hit a target from 10 feet away with a handgun. You have to want to miss in order to miss. It is extremely easy to hit something from 10 feet away with a gun. I had never picked up a gun, and on my first try I hit a bullseye. I've never played counter-strike. I personally like RPG's. Did an RPG teach me to shoot...hell no. It's basically math and logic. Math taught me how to shoot. I blame physics for all the school shootings. (Not really...but thats how much of an ass Jack sounds like.)
poontab  +   3214d ago
dear jack,
it's so sad to hear that you sit on couches with victims and try to convince them that a video game was the cause of their pain. you have a shirty life and that tie is crappy too. i hate you
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3214d ago
Hmmm, This guy, massacre chaser, would already be dead, shot by a gamer, if his theory was true. I mean, according to him, he's playing against the most dangerous people! The gamers! Trained to kill! And he doesn't even have bodyguards...or does he?
scarlett_rg  +   3214d ago
Maldread  +   3214d ago
To Jack
So Jack if i play a videogame like doom or counter strike, i automatically know how to handle a weapon ? Yes i just press b,3,4 and then i have a M4A1 in my hand (it`s a long time since i`ve played CS, so this is probably wrong), and if i press r, i should reload the weapon in real life too right... how he can claim playing CS or Doom,even more absurdly, makes you capable of killing people with an actual weapon is beyond me.

I`ve had some family relatives in the age of 10-12 years old who was really good at GT (or Burnout or that matter), but my father wasn`t so good, so i guess i should give my car keys to my cousins then, since they`re better drivers.

Video games are not the problem, people like Jack Thomson are.
Robotz Rule  +   3214d ago
Will Jack ever run out of juice?
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Maldread  +   3214d ago
No, not as long as there are money and publicity to be made ;)
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Premonition  +   3214d ago
Hes old any way hes gonna have a heart attack one day.
The great 1  +   3214d ago
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3214d ago
Yeah! Let's train some CounterStrike and shoot those damn D&D bastards! They won't stand a chance with their swords&magicks or whatever!
Skynetone  +   3214d ago
So he played a game of counter strike five years ago and hes linking it to the school shootings

This guy clearly has something against games {dame id hate to be his son}
Evil Rant Monkey  +   3214d ago
Training To Kill
I don't know about u guys, but i don't see any possible way of training for a massacre by playing.... Doom!? Then he goes on to mention the movie "Doom" has an influence too!? The movie isn't anything like the game. It was retarded, and furthermore, wasn't even brutal. LOTR was more brutal then Doom the movie.
JasonXE  +   3213d ago
i remember the
espa ratings group (sp?) talking about this very same question. Why isn't media, concerning t.v etc isn't included a long with games. They said that games are "interactive" and you can make choices to desensitize someone to the decision there gonna make.

just fyi
Legionaire2005  +   3213d ago
Must read and Must see!!!!! including the never before seeing picture of The VT Killer.
How can people train on shooting games that is not the real thing? I played Doom(the original on Xbox aracade) for the first time in a long time. This game your talking about is very dated. First of all you can't aim, because there is no!!!! crosshair. You can't even look down or up in Doom, just look straight and your character is stiff. The A.I. is dated an horrible and last but not least, it has no!!!! auto aim, which many of the games today use. So you want to know why people are so good at these games, because many of them use auto aim!!!! In real life you can't lock on(auto aim) to a person with a gun it takes skill and the right training to learn how to kill. In the Army at boot camps the recruits shout out something like I'm trained to kill!!!! why can't they say I'm trained to defend America? Why don't you complain about that the real issues. If you can't stand violent games then complain about the Army games that encourage kids to go in the Army to learn how to kill!!!! For the guy in the Virginia Tech I believe he was mind controlled by the CiA, who's base happens to be right near Virginia tech. I don't care if anyone call me a conspiracy theorist, because it's pretty strange to me that a guy with weak guns(that is legal) suddenly have a 60% fatality rate by killing 33 people!!! Here are the links that might inform many people on this site. Here are the links and the never before seeing people picture of the Virginia Tech Killer. When you see the truth there is no turning back I guarantee it. Show the videos and the never before seeing picture to the masses. Must see!!

Related video

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snoop_dizzle  +   3213d ago
so i'm supposed to take a series of youtube videos seriously? C'mon man a good conspiracist would at least try a little harder.

Really if you want to prove your point, at least get some better

sources than youtube and someones blog.

Hell according to your logic i could write a blog about pigs flying and people should believe it.

But if you do have actual valid sources please show. Wiki isn't valid btw.

Legionaire2005, I'm not trying to hate btw.

Anyways back to the subject, if i were to interview this guy i would be hammering him with questions like theres no tomorrow. I suggest a lot of these reporters do the same.
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Legionaire2005  +   3213d ago
Snoop_dizzle Yes you should take these videos seriously!!!!
Just look at Bill Clinton when he admitted that there are government sponsored mind controlled experiments in the America that started during the 1950's and Now. Look at the must see video of Bill Clinton being Brainwashed for the global elite(Illuimati) and Larry King knew that Bill Clinton(secret interview footage) was going to be elected before any of us knew. Only the global Elites choose who's president not us(that is the truth). Just look at George Bush 2000 and 2004 election, which was rigged because the global elites favored Bush. I won't be surpised if they choose Hillary over Obama(Think about it). Look up "Project Paper Clip" to learn how some Nazi's came to America to start the mind controlled experiments, which originated from Nazi's Germany. You know where America got the term psychological warfare? They got it from the Nazi German word Weltenshunkrieg, which means World View Warfare. After that Look up MK Ultra, which is declassified wikipedia has the declassified copy. There you go now do your own research. And one more thing I made a link to an article from not someone's blog!!! and did you look at the picture of the VT Killer in Military uniform?
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Skizelli  +   3213d ago
He's in it for the money, not to save lives. He's become rich off this subject. He calls video games the one common denominator in school shootings. It's more like "his" common denominator, because he makes money off of it. When it comes down to it, he's still a lawyer. Hopefully not for long.
blooodFrenzy92  +   3213d ago
Watch legionairs #2 video. Right after Barbara Busch talks rewind SLOWLY you will see a guy come out of nowhere and block her. SOOO weird!

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