Shadowrun: PC versus Xbox 360

IGN preview both versions, and already a clear winner is emerging.

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T-Virus4251d ago

But I WILL OWN YOU with a controller!

It's all for fun.

SuPeRsTaR lRl4251d ago

I hope this game is going to be good,if any of you guys plan on buying this game and maybe joining a clan let me know.

power of Green 4251d ago

Agreed!, how people play games when the gameplay calls for more than jumping, shooting and moving is beyond me with out a controller. J/K do not attack me please thanks!.

Clinton5144251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

This corny game was made for consoles.

Quote from the article:
"Sure… if you're a 360 player. Unfortunately, PC players will detest this system. They're used to their bullets going where they're aiming. In Shadowrun, compared to other PC shooters, the bullets spread out like a shotgun firing scattershot, due to the large cross-circle. Start moving and it's even worse - you'll be lucky to hit the side of a shopping mall if you so much as take a step."


Covenant4251d ago

Yet another reason I'm avoiding Vista until MS finishes "beta testing" it on those who've already purchased it.

As someone who played the pen-and-paper game that inspired it in college, I have to say that I'm actually looking forward to this game. As long as I can play a Cyber-Mage, I'll enjoy it. The mix of spells and bullets and the ability to greatly customize (you CAN still do this, right?) your character could make this game an interesting mix of shooter and RPG.

One thing they need to incorporate into the game: In the original game, those who sacrificed too much of their bodies to cybernetic enhancements were in danger of going psychotic. I had a friend who had pared his humanity down to the bare minimums. Might be fun to see how far you can push the customizations.

SuPeRsTaR lRl4251d ago

I just like the fact that i can finally rip a pc gamers head off

GameJunkieJim4251d ago

A version of HEXEN for 2007 if you will...

If they do institute cyberPsychosis or HMHVV elements into the game, that'd be awesome, but they don't even have Orks, so I really doubt it.

And the Deckers got really raped.

Evil Rant Monkey4251d ago

Unfortunately this is nothing like the snes shadowrun. I was able to play Shadowrun at a 360 event late last year, and while it was loads of fun, it was nothing close to the rpg classic.

Instead it reminded me more of counterstrike. A game based on multi player with matches such as capture the flag. At the start of a round you get a few seconds to buy gadgets, weapons, and magic; much like counterstrike.

The gadgets are things like the glider and x-ray vision. Then there are your guns and katana. And for magic you can summon, walk through walls, and also plant a tree of health that anyone can take advantage of. You must combo different ability's and weapons to be able to take advantage of different techniques. Such as if you had x-ray vision equipped with walking through walls, you will be able to sneak up on people a lot better.

All in all, PC against 360 will be pretty wild. I foresee loads of trash talk and some good old fun.

Plancy4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

By the looks of the review(ShadowRun) to the PC, this has to be one of the lousiest of ports, considering the fact that the PC's architecture is similar to the 360 and a closer comparison than that of 360-ps3, and [PC] 4x better. Guess the "hermits"(PC gamers) now know why its the developers fault on the quality of the port.

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The story is too old to be commented.