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BioWare: Activision PS3 comment "silly"

Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare, has branded Activision's comments over ceasing support for PS3 "silly", acknowledging the importance of the PlayStation name.

"I don't think it's really fair to poke fun at Sony," Zeschuk told CVG. "Certainly the Wii's been a massive success and Sony's probably not going as fast as they thought it would be but I think that they're starting to make the right moves and the software's coming along. (PS3)

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LarVanian  +   1866d ago
I must say I'm kinda surprised to see Bioware defending Sony. I would have expected EA themselves to say this but not one of their devs (Especially one who used to make games exclusively for Xbox)
Bnet343  +   1866d ago
So what exclusive is BioWare supporting Sony with? Devs like to talk alot but not show anything.
shingo  +   1866d ago
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kratos123  +   1866d ago
there bringing dragon age origens to the ps3 and maybe just maybe mass effect i really didnt expect this from a ex xbox exclusief devolper
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BadboyCivic  +   1866d ago
^^^^ now thats a true fanboy comment.
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Bnet343  +   1866d ago
I said exclusive. BioWare can praise the PS3 all they want but until they show an exclusive game utilizing PS3's power, they are just doing this for PR. Remember how Valve bashed every console except Wii and said how Nintendo has the right idea. Do you see any Valve games on Wii? Nope. Just all talk.
Rainstorm81  +   1866d ago
Bioware defending PS3 good job. Everyone knows Bioware has a better game track record than activision.

Im just hoping for Mass Effect series on PS3, and please please please bring Star Wars The Old Republic to consoles.

Activision wasnt going to leave 12 mil in guitar hero and call of duty sales on the table. (and thats just 2 games)
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Blaze929  +   1866d ago
"Remember how Valve bashed every console except Wii and said how Nintendo has the right idea. Do you see any Valve games on Wii? Nope. Just all talk."

That is a very good point and oh so true.
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Jaces  +   1866d ago
It's not the devs that are going around bashing consoles and spouting hate, it's the gamers.

So it's no surprise seeing them defend the PS3 seeing how it's an amazing machine along with the 360. Fanboy goggles are a funny thing.

Anyway it's good to see them coming to the PS3 to show us what they can do, exciting!
ultimolu  +   1866d ago
I know, right?

I find that pretty awesome though. :D
cmrbe  +   1866d ago
Its dosen't matter.
Bioware was never critical of the PS3 as far as i can remember. They only preferred to work on the x360 for ME to cater to the x360 strength which is what i wanted to see.

EPIC comes to mind with this news. Mark Rein was one of the most vocal PS3 supporter when everyone trashed it back in 2007.
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thesummerofgeorge  +   1866d ago
Sounds condescending...
The software's coming along? It's not selling as fast as they thought? Apparently it's selling faster than the 360 did in it's time... And the software's more than "coming along", it's not the slow kid in class, the software is the best out there, the exclusives speak for themselves.
DarkAzureIIIX  +   1866d ago
At 1st I was like
BioWare is evil now I'm like these cats are alright :)
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slayorofgods  +   1866d ago
I'm surprised to hear it from Bioware, but it is absolutely true that Activision's comments were silly because they are going to be the ones hurting from their decisions. At one time Activision could stand toe to toe with EA, but the times sure have changed this generation with EA becoming a monster that may get big enough to absorb it's once competition and teach them how to run a business.
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cgoodno  +   1865d ago
I'm surprised that people are surprised that BioWare would say such a thing.
gears22  +   1866d ago
How's that a duplicated story?
Where is it in the interview? It's not even there,at least not in tat part :/
waltercross  +   1866d ago
I Have to agree, I Didn't see Bioware defend
the PS3 in the Interview at all.
lloyd_wonder  +   1866d ago
Wow. Common sense.
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gintoki777  +   1866d ago
i have to say its pretty strange that bioware is all of a sudden doing all this for the ps3 0.0
solidjun5  +   1866d ago
Well not according to Jim Sterling. :)
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JonnyBigBoss  +   1866d ago
Immature would work better than silly. Activision really made themselves look amateur with that announcement.
jessupj  +   1866d ago
I agree. Call me a butt hurt fanboy, but because of Activision's unprofessional behaviour I'll be getting MW2 second hand. Activision only has themselves to blame for that lost sale.
Trey4Lyfe  +   1866d ago
So Capcom and now Bioware do not side with Activision. Destructoid is probably shocked, Activision clearly isn't as powerful as they claimed it to be.
PirateThom  +   1866d ago
The only reason Activision has power is because of their business of publishing on every possible platform.
AaronGreenturd  +   1866d ago
Well done Bioware good stuff
Shane Kim  +   1866d ago
The guys over at Bioware is starting to like PS3 alot lately.
AaronGreenturd  +   1866d ago
Bioware knows the ps3 rocks and activision are a bunch of c*cks
Grandreaper9999  +   1866d ago
I figured Bioware would hop into the same boat as Valve and only whine about the PS3.

Maybe since EA is running stuff they have no choice but to suck it up and bite the bullet.
Anilom  +   1866d ago
Good job Bioware!!
Now bring Star Wars The Old Republic to PS3 and forget ME2...

Show the power that the PS3 have!!
NMC2007  +   1866d ago
I am curious as to what these people would say if Activision made good on their word and cut the PS3 off.
dragonyght  +   1866d ago
lets see goodbye MWF3 goodbye guitar hero goodbye Tony Hawk and its 200+ price tag proferal goodbye super hero game i don't even remember da name and some other staff we sure we wont missed you

i guessing something like that^^^
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BYE  +   1866d ago
Like everyone else they would say:

R.I.P. Activision.
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ROMO12  +   1866d ago
They Won't cut the Ps3 off
Activision is a business
by making good on their threat
they would end up making less money
no company likes not making as much money as possible
this is especially true of Activision considering they publish for any possible platform.The fact they made a threat only further supports that they want to make more money. If Sony was stupid and did lower the price of the PS3 more people would buy it and more people would buy Activision's games
/end rant
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TheTruth89  +   1866d ago
Expecting BioWare PS3 esclusive very soon :P
-MD-  +   1865d ago
Doubt it.
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IcyJoker187  +   1866d ago
Im really starting to like bioware
calling out the damn activision and i think we know that

mass effect > Ice age: the game
keysy420  +   1866d ago
everyone is coming around
think stuff is getting crazy right now wait two more years and see the ps3 library and capabilities remember year 3 of 10, ps4 in year 6 or 7. sony is making the right moves

this is the number one reason i thought the threats were bull. even without a price drop with games like uncharted 2 and god of was 3 sony could close the gap to 2 million without a price drop. Those games could easily sell 4 million systems
Sackdude  +   1866d ago
Well done Bioware.
Smart people think different.
zok310  +   1866d ago
Robert Kotic of Activision is a silly bastard.
John Kratos   1866d ago | Spam
thehitman  +   1866d ago
I dont know why
Everyone is still harboring over 1 persons commit who doesnt represent the ENTIRE activision company.
percephone  +   1865d ago
He's the CEO..

You know the guys that represent the interest of the shareholders and run the company?
ico92  +   1866d ago
i've always liked bioware for some reason even before the ps3's release there very un biased
manwh00re  +   1866d ago
the hitman
That one person has alot of pull
TheColbertinator  +   1866d ago
Thank you bioware for having common sense.I'm glad they see it in a more realistic manner unlike some other comapnies
saimcheeda  +   1866d ago
Looks like
activisions bluff is starting to backfire!
anatomyofme  +   1866d ago
Whats UP?
Whats up with Bioware sudden love for SONY? From them saying there totally trilled to be working on the ps3 to now them backing uo Sony? wierd?
jackdoe  +   1866d ago
Well, Bioware are Activision's rivals. However, Kotick was really quite silly. You don't try to threaten a console manufacturer with threats like that. Especially one manufacturer who holds the rights to licensed music and licensed games that they themselves publish.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1866d ago
The experts agree
Activision's comment was foolish, to say the least.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1866d ago
*waits for fanboys to start saying "B-B-B-BUT ACTIVISION SAID--"*
-MD-  +   1865d ago
Nobody ever really says "bu-bu-bu-but".
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