Wal-Mart to sell $199 HD-DVD player in Q4 2007?

Though somewhat obfuscated by translation issues and the breaking nature of the news, the current internet consensus suggests that Taiwan based manufacturer Fuh Yuan, in cooperation with TDK, will produce the blue laser drives for 2-million HD-DVD players. Broadcom will reportedly supply the system-on-a-chip decoder, and China Great Wall will handle final assembly. The deal represents around US $100,000,000, and it is reported that a new manufacturing plant has already been opened to fulfill the order.

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dknight4252d ago

Nice to see we got some more insight on this story.

power of Green 4252d ago

HollyWood would soon follow suit and market to the base that has the most Next-gen players no matter what Sony fans say. I surprized this thread isn't flooded with angry Blu-ray fans.

xfrgtr4251d ago

Exactly and the base that has the most next gen players is Sony(PS3) who has been CRUSHING hddvd,I'm sure if the story is true sony is well prepared to react at the end of the year.How many ps3 will be sold at the end of the year 5,6 millions and the price of their bluray players and ps3 will go down,it doesn't smell good for hddvd,even with this low tech chinese players coming a little too late with no support.

ASSASSYN 36o4251d ago

oooohh Look power I found an angry Blu-ray fan (Fx35).

ArmrdChaos4251d ago

As more games come out for the PS3 it will carry less weight with the studios in the fact that their owners will be using more of their money on games than movies. A person who buys a standalone player with the same amount of money to spend on media will be using that money solely on movies. If HDDVD is able to get enough standalones in consumer hands then once Blu-ray only studios will start backing both formats. It matters not if others deem the players "less quality" because the only thing they need to do is play discs for Hollywood to care. The majority who do shop at Walmart are not your hardcore audiophiles so price is the only thing that matters to them. If Blu-ray loses the exclusivity of most the studios then they will be screwed, because manufacturers will have a very hard time producing the Blu-ray hardware at a competitive price and still have it remain profitable.

techie4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

You do realise that TDK make Blu-ray discs and not HD-DVD discs. They are the main manufacture of blu-ray

"TDK Blu-ray Discs are breakthrough recording technology from the only media company that's a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association. 25GB single-layer and 50GB dual-layer recordable and rewritable versions enable massive data backups and the highest resolution HD recording.

TDK's exclusive DURABIS hard coating formulation protects the media surface against scratches and other contaminants that would destroy lesser discs, while the company's advanced spin coat manufacturing process and ultra-precise recording materials ensure pure recording perfection."

TDK are the guys that made the 200gb blu-ray disc. This article is lost in translation.

CyberSentinel4251d ago

You didn't think Samsung would switch either.

Companies want to double dip. There's money to made in both formats at the moment. 199.99 price tag may shift the tide. be prepared Sony.

techie4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

No dude there is a very big difference. Samsung make players. TDK make Blu-ray discs and only blu-ray discs...their money is invested in that format. Samsung just jump on the bandwagon for players, but TDK have developed's their technology. If blu-ray fails they lose out.

Just go to their website

Lost in translation

"Update: Pull back the reigns HD DVD fanboys, Akihabara now says that they've made a "huge mistake" with their translation: the original source called it "?? HD DVD and ?? means Blu-RAY." In other words, Blu-ray HD DVD. Huh?"

We'll have to wait until we hear something official since TDK are invested in Blu-ray, since they designed and manufacture the discs. I mean TDK are on the BLU-ray board of directors.

ps. it's very common for people over here to call blu-ray discs...blu-ray hd-dvd discs

Another thing...doing some research from the original article..."Fukuhiko revenues last year of about 200 million yuan, thanks to a massive Wal-Mart under single procurement Blue Apple Players Plan"...Apple are blu-ray...TDK is joined with Fukihiko to make Blu-ray players

"This Fukuhiko cooperation with Japan's TDK developed by the Blue Apple traverse, claimed to be able to give a more realistic image, more magnificent picture."

It's all very confusing...but that right there says it. Fukuiko, TDK and Apple...all blu-ray supporters and makers.

Nav14251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

TDK will probably play both sides.
Or TDK might switch since Wal-Mart has a lot of marketing power for the studio's.

If HD-DVD gets Wal-Mart and Target, then I think this might change the direction of the format wars.

I think TDK will still develop Blu Ray for PC's and Mac's...since I think the format will do well in that realm of things.

omansteveo4251d ago

Wal-Mart has a 199$ HD-DVD Player it hooks to your xbox

snoop_dizzle4251d ago

the price might be good, but don't expect anything amazing. The same with the HDDVD add on for the 360.

From the sounds of it, its not that the players depreciated, but they are making crummy players to sell.

ITR4251d ago

Well think of it like this.
Within a yr all HD DVD players will drop in price to compete.

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