Warhammer: More Server Merges?

IncGamers reports that the latest 'Grab Bag Q&A' from Mythic hints at more server closures on the horizon.

When discussing server population issues, developer Jess Folsom states that any problems should be resolved due to server merges that are currently being discussed.

Mythic hit the headlines in March when it closed down over 60 servers, 40 in the US and and additional 20 in Europe.

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Maticus3440d ago

That would be sad, if it turns out to be the case.

Chris3993440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

The game still suffers from population issues. It's pretty sad when you see the same people, and ONLY the same people on every time you play (which isn't often, for me).

They launched with far too many servers to start; massively over-estimated demand.

Really they should have between 10-15 servers, tops - including European and Asian ones. That way the populations are evenly clustered and guilds/ friend's lists can flourish.

Right now, it's almost impossible to play during the day as there aren't enough people for large scale pvp (which is essentially all you do in endgame).

P.S. Aion is glorious and I've been having more fun with that (beta) than WOW and War and AoC combined. Really brilliant game, if you haven't played it yet. So very, very polished.

free2game3653440d ago

Aion from the beta I played is a crappy WoW clone that's just polished. After playing Age Of Conan most MMOs feel really outdated technically and gameplay wise.

Chris3993440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

The pvp in Aion is spectacular and I haven't even reached the whole endgame/ abyss part. It's from NcSoft, the Guild Wars peeps and they certainly know their pvp better than anyone else on the market (in my opinion).

The lore and world are utterly dissimilar from WOW. It's a sci-fi/ fantasy hybrid for starters (if you know anything about the history of Warcraft, it's a Warhammer clone that couldn't get the rights, but took/ modified most of the material). In Aion there are definite "cosmic" undertones, especially with the very dragonish-anime NPC faction; and the whole flight element makes it unlike anything else currently on the market. Really, aerial combat and exploration hasn't been done this gracefully before. It's amazing to watch and to play. Blasting things on the ground from several hundred feet in the air is probably the most gaming related fun I've had in recent memory.

Not to mention that the game is made with the CryEngine so it's utterly gorgeous. Comparing it to WOW with the graphics it's boasting is an insult, really. And with the graphics sliders cranked at max resolution, it barely puts my machine to work. NcSoft may have a few issues, but coding isn't one of them. They know how to program their games for optimum performance.

We either weren't playing the same game, or have very different tastes, so I'll just leave it at that.

And as far as AoC goes, it's a decent game, but the fact that it won't run properly on my brand new, quad core, crossfire rig irritates me beyond belief. I can play Crisis in 1080p on the highest settings and I have a dedicated gaming cable modem connection. There's no excuse for the engine to be as crappy as it is a year after launch. Oh, and the "epic" gear and content needs some serious work too. Simply redying existing skins doesn't count. There are some very bizarre design choices in that game as well, which I doubt will ever be rectified - the bloated skill trees, odd clothing mapping/ textures come to mind.

Some things AoC gets very right, but not many. Not for me anyhow.

Cheers to you if you're enjoying the game. I lost interest after just over a month.

@below. Cheers and bubbles mate, thanks for the info! (Seriously, I'm not being smarmy :) )

Jhun3440d ago

NCSoft only PUBLISHED GuildWars. GW was developed by ArenaNet

The dev team for Aion is different from the devs of GuildWars

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Chazmers3440d ago

Server mergers isn't a good for Warhammer Online, Still plodding through my Dwarf Engineer and loving it. Just hope we don't see the title have a slow and painful death.

Malfurion3440d ago

The game just isn't performing as well as they expected, obviously. This merger with BioWare isn't good news either IMO, TOR will trample all over WAR, so devs will be pulled off WAR and put to work on the 'star' game.

AndyA3440d ago

Not looking good for Mythic at the mo.

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