Users force Dell to resurrect XP

Responding to customer demand Dell has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them.

The decision reverses a policy begun in January that meant Windows Vista was the only operating system available on almost all new home machines.

The change came after Dell's feedback site was swamped with calls for the return of the venerable software.

Now customers can opt for the Home or Professional version of XP on six models of Dell machines.

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kingboy4257d ago

I`m back to windows Xp too :)

FordGTGuy4257d ago

Windows Vista for free?

techie4257d ago

it's not free. You still pay for it in the "bundle"...i expect buying a pc with XP is cheaper than buying one with about £50

nix4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

360 owners! you guys can throw back the broken 360s to MS... you never know MS might sit up and take notice. i am serious.

as for: "From the end of January 2008 PC makers will no longer be able to buy new licences for the operating system (XP)."

well.. how about mac, eh?

zonetrooper54257d ago

Well i already knew that Windows Vista would not sell that well, i expect that in a year's time, more people will buy a computer with Windows Vista. As of now i think me and many other people are very happy with Windows XP.

1337 gamer4257d ago

macs are much better anyway... who cares bout MS :P

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The story is too old to be commented.