Ubuntu Linux Officially Released for PS3

The Ubuntu Foundation has released the newest version of their Linux operating system (v7.04, aka Feisty Fawn) for the PS3. For those new to Linux, Ubuntu is one of the top distributions. The ease of use coupled with the power of the distro as a desktop operating system has many flocking to it's beauty.

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Killer Cop3930d ago

Ubuntu on PS3 the easy way!!! :D

I think I will buy a new HDD and install it to my PS3 instead of buying a new whole computer! :D Saves me alot of money. And render time will be ultimate low! BEHOLD UBUNTU! :D

Cartesian3D3930d ago

Im very happy to hear that.. thats awesome .. Ps3 will be a powerful pc with linux... ( may Ps3 make Linux and Bluray as standard :P )

QuackPot3930d ago

I'm holding out for Suse because I'm just too lazy.

Apart from opening up the GPu fully to Linux and providing more Ram, Sony really needs to produce and install its own optimized distribution.

Average Joe needs to know that the PC Console has arrived and is good to go once you take it off the shelf.

C'mon Sony, just do it!

Armyless3930d ago

Sony OS - Has a nice ring to it.

Bleyd3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

it could even be called the Playstation OS or POS for short. :D

Just kidding of course. :P

Saint Sony3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

While XBox gets several good games, PS3 gets Ubuntu... *shrugs*

nix3930d ago

happy? now go and keep that head where it was.. inside gate's ass!

Saint Sony3930d ago

How unique. You came up with that by yourself?

achira3930d ago

lol, what game do you mean, geow and ahhh. lol on this place where normal ppl have brain xbots have sh!t.

Saint Sony3930d ago

Wrong, there is no normal people here.

CaliGamer3930d ago

Excellent exchange of words, the bill gates anus comment was especially funny because it was so unexpected. Too funny.

Omicronn3930d ago

Hang on to those "several" new games because by this time next year..

The hated Sony Monster is about to come chop down halo monster just like it did last time.

Sad... but I feel it coming... That year of glory aint gonna stay with Wii and Ps3 about to release Godzilla.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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