Amazing Resistance 2 Marksman Recreated by Fan

Gaming Union writes: "Gaming Union forum member Hyokenseisou has recreated the much loved Marksman rifle from Insomniac Games' Resistance 2. The gun is to-scale, measures in at 37 inches long, and took "roughly 100 hours" over the course of five days to make.

Highly detailed, Hyokenseisou's Marksman features a working scope, detachable ammo clip, an ammo counter that lights up, and a laser guide. Check her own photos of the Marksman below."

More photos in full story.

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ChozenWoan2935d ago

And here I thought I was a HARDCORE gamer... WOW!!!

socomnick2934d ago

resistance franchise has fans ?

theEnemy2934d ago

yeah. And we play online for free.

- -

I love the marksman, it made me go 82-8 on a game once. ;)

Trebius2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Yeah Marksman has always been the weapon of choice for me. That game has such a great online, never skips a beat.

"Kids how many times do I have to tell you dont touch daddy's PS3, go play your 360s! you know he gets upset."

thePatriot2934d ago

yeah, the original resistance has a (almost) cult following. nbr 2 got old fast

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mephman2935d ago

This thing is absolutely crazy. I can't wait to see what she builds next!

Selyah2935d ago

That or the Wraith/Pulse Cannon would be awesome, since they are both massive.

SinnedNogara2935d ago

which should be the Auger or the MP-47 Pulse Cannon!!!

Selyah2935d ago

It does look absolutely stunning.

LarVanian2935d ago

My weapon of choice online hehe

Nelson M2935d ago

And Shoot him in his Ass

Model2934d ago

lol you should have like a million bubbles for your comments, each one -instant classic

Etseix2934d ago


leavin fanboyism aside this was so freakin funny LMAO!

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The story is too old to be commented.