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THAMMER14016d ago

Looks great. Looks a little bit better than Lost Planet.

PS3 Owns All4015d ago

The same guy that does Nero's voice also does Ichigo's voice in the english version of Bleach! He was originally the black ranger from Power Rangers and Green ranger from Power Rangers Zeo. That asian dude, his name's Johnny Yong Bosch. Does that ring any bells? Hope it does! He's living the dream first being part of a kid;s fav show in the 90s now voice actor of 2 very popular series Bleach and DMC4.

Gamer134016d ago

But im realy looking forward to this game, and its on next gen systems thats even better.

IM OUT...///"""

The Snake4015d ago

Same here, but I'm getting the last 2 from Gamefly before the next one comes out.

MySwordIsHeavenly4015d ago

So, you guys haven't played DMC3 yet? What's wrong with you? It's the only action game to completely obliterate God of War. The combos were better, the storyline was better, and it was just so much more enticing than God of War. Go get DMC3 NOW!!!

PS360PCROCKS4015d ago

yea DMC3 is awesome I got it three weeks ago, I don't know if to me it beats GOW but it sure is awesome.

The_Firestarter4015d ago

I've been playing if ever since it came out, the combos are SWEET! >:)

BTW, I can never forget the first time I played the original DMC. It was so AWESOME the first time I flung my foe into the air with my sword and juggled them in the air with Ebony and Ivory. It was a golden moment!

Xi4015d ago

ninja gaiden beats god of war hands down.

Rybnik4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

DMC3 is awesome, but it does not beat GOW

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power of Green 4015d ago

Why is every game Capcom makes this gen compared to Lost Planet?; you can't tell that from these pics the heat and blurr effects in DMC seem to be more extream due to what look they want in DMC. The LP textures still look better but anyways i'm looking forward to DMC4. Don't attack me all i have to do is post screens of the two games latest builds or even the PCs build.

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