New trailer of the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive game Tenchu: Z

For centuries Ninja have mastered the art of stealth, walking on the wind and striking with purpose.

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marionz4252d ago

and not in a good way! hasnt changed much from the ps2 days, and even the ps2 game looked bad
i really dont know why ms decided to publish this game...

Rybnik4252d ago

I think I'll pass as well.
I swear with a bit of editing, this "trailer" could play as a spoof of its genre, the guys voice and lines combined with the rather underwhelming footage just screams this isn't a real trailer, its a joke. Someone should youtube this, lol.

FCOLitsjustagame4252d ago

Nothing in that video made me kick it off my "possibly" list. It looks like your basic cliché ninja vs. corrupt samurai game. I like ninjas and cheesy kungfu movies well enough. The game never was on my "must have" list.

If the game play is fun it may be worth a pickup especially a few months after release when the price drops. But I don’t know much about this game or if it is fun so I will have to wait for some reviews.

techie4252d ago

How can people say Ninja Gaiden Sigma doesn't look very good!?

marionz4251d ago

thats mental, the ninja giaden games rock, and shows this game up as a outdated looking clone of previous tenchu games
ps3 owners will have a blast with NGS