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NowGamer writes: "When Microsoft's Shane Kim was asked about the future of Project Natal, he said: "I've never seen Peter (Molyneux) more excited and energised by anything like this since the initial Fable", thereby evoking the one demon that was sure to cast doubt over the whole idea. Shortly after that, Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi was quizzed about a possible release date for Gran Turismo 5. "It's at a point we can release it any time we want," he replied, "but we can always keep working on it." Sometimes it feels like critics are the only people paying attention."

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Sonyslave33442d ago

okay wtf does Shane Kim got to do with GT5.

paskowitz3442d ago

I am sorry but this article makes no sense. Natal... GT5... why should they even be mentioned in the same paragraph? Also the inability for people to wait is just ridiculous. Its a video game. Its pretty said if you cannot fill your life with other things in the mean time. Why is GT5 taking so long. Simple, PD are perfectionists, they may not do everything in GT5 that the fans want but what they do, do, will be perfect. GT4 is a good example as is GT5p (KY actually said he was ashamed of the online and is working very hard on fixing it for GT5). I mean does anyone actually think GT5 is going to be bad or even mediocre? Come on people. Thats like oh is the MGS4 going to not be worth the wait. Come who really honestly thought MGS4 is going to suck? Makes me laugh.

lagoonalight3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

GT4 was harmless rehash and it was boring. Prologue was their pointed effort to make a dent. And GT5 will be the comet that destroys everything in its path. They are taking their time as they well should be for maybe the only game truly worth the 60 dollars you pay for it. GT5 is going to end this debate once and for all when it is released, mark mine and many other's words. I am poor so I could wait another year if I had to. But I think we will be seeing it no later than March.

Why must we suffer through these 'previews' that truly offer nothing of interest.

stevenhiggster3442d ago

The article wasn't questioning how good the game will be just whether or not it will be so good as to justify the wait.
I personaly really hope it will be and I am seriously looking forward to it. I think I'll have to get a steering wheel though as playing it with a joypad just doesn't really cut it.

pippoppow3442d ago

Not really into racing games but this game will be too good to pass up. Plus with a GT wheel and chair it will be an amazing experience.

paskowitz3442d ago


Think about this, "Will GT5 be good or bad", "Will GT5 be worth the wait". In order for something not to be worth whatever its wait was it would have to be bad. Sure the author is not directly saying GT5 will be bad, he is just so impatient that we worries that GT5 will not be good enough to fill the expectation he needs to counteract that impatience. Sad really. I have a question, When Boston won the world series, was it worth the wait?

Oh and the author worries about the sales of the SECOND HIGHEST SELLING (only to GTA) console video game series of all time, and the highest selling racing series on any console of all time. Bah!

Sarcasm3441d ago

What kind of lame "preview" was that?

"Indeed, for many racing fans, Prologue was a sparkling reminder that gamers might not need Gran Turismo 5 nearly as much as Sony thinks."

Forza 2 - 4 Million
GT5P - 3 million

A "Glorified Demo" sold nearly as much as a full fledged game.

Yeah, people sure aren't itching for GT5.

pain777pas3440d ago

I'll be real. Sony has yet to release a bad game from their studios and most if not all have been high quality including Lair and HS. I would wager that this will be the best racer this gen how much better than the competition will determine its sucess.

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3442d ago

Paskowitz you just scored a flawless victory with your comment.

paskowitz3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Thank you. I mean there are just some things in this world that you can be 99% certain are not going to suck. Examples: A Martin Scorsese film, a Ferrari, double d's or a trip to Italy. GT5 is one of those things. I do not need some PR guy telling me racing game X is going to be the best racing game ever if that racing game has been the best racing game ever (on consoles) since 1999 (talking about GT but using FM as a counter example). In other words GT does not need to brag. GT4 was amazing for its time (albeit a bit boring). Now it is outdated. Enter GT5 which again will be like every other GT, nothing short of amazing.

Sorry for the stupid grammar and spelling errors.

And for the record even though I am partial to GT5, I got a 360 for FM3 (and various other games) just because I was really impressed with what they showed at E3. I also got my PS3 a month after it was released for GT5.

shayol33t3442d ago

Im in awe that someone has disagreed with your argument. Honestly, wtf! Anyway, both of your comments are good and deserve mass agrees.

Ontopic: Article is laughable, as this is not a preview and merely a gt5 bashing from what i read. Pathetic

Tinted Eyes3442d ago

I can wait its no big deal, people are so impatient MW2 and U2 are good enough for me until next yr

pippoppow3442d ago

Betwen a PC game or 2 and a few PS3 games as well as old games I need to play, there are plenty of games to play besides other hobbies and activities to take up my spare time. As long as they feel they are putting out the best game they can then the wait will be worth it. Better then rushing it out like some other games.

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