The year end planning of Sony

French website has managed to get the planning of games for the end of the year to PS3.

We can learn, among other dates, the release of Uncharted 2 for 30/09/2009, Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time for the 28/10/2009, EyePet for the 04/11/2009 and Singstar: Michael Jackson for the 13/11/2009.

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jack_burt0n3390d ago

even though its the 30th its great that U2 is landing september, i reckon GT5 will be early mid Dec.

sunil3390d ago

I sure hope GT5 comes up this year, even otherwise there are quite a lot of games for us to destroy our minds on :)

Mindboggle3390d ago

wow infamous and motorstorm 2 platinum...Ill pick them up for sure...

jack_burt0n3390d ago

If I were them >_<

sep09 uncharted 2
oct R+C
nov WKC
dec GT5
jan10 MAG
feb heavy rain
mar ff13
april GOW3

Rainstorm813390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

GOW3 should get a march release date just to stay consistent with the two previous titles.

@ Megatron below

The best games this generation in terms of AI, Graphics, Animation & Story will be released this year on PS3 ( Uncharted 2 & Killzone 2 )
Looks like 2 good bookends on a good 2009 line up to me. Enjoy YOUR yearly Halo release.

Megatron083390d ago

So after all the talk about year of the ps3 fanboy and all that. At the end of the year all sony has is uncharted2 , The yearly update of RC and a rush singstar to make quick cash off someone death (very classy sony.

The ps3 has choke again and the 360 walk away with the gold for the 4th year in a row

leyego3390d ago

i like how the last 4 months of the year = the whole year...

please enlighten us... what high profile game does the xbox 360 coming out in the next couple months?

thats what i thought take ur fanboyism ---->

Panipal20053390d ago

Well there's Splinter Cell Conviction I suppose, a game I might pick up if Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, The Saboteur and Just Cause 2 leave me with any money left over.

jack_burt0n3390d ago


I just think anything releasing same month as a FF on a playstation format is not doing itself justice even if it is a god lol

ThatCanadianGuy3390d ago


You f*cking serious? Love how you completely leave out all the great games PS3 has had so far this year.

Killzone 2
MLB:09 The show
Demons souls
Yakuza 3

You've had what so far? Nothing.That's what.

RockmanII73390d ago

I will, thanks. enjoy uncharted 2, looks like a blast.

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shocky163390d ago

are the major games for PS3 this fall.

That's pretty good.

Unless MAG is out this year? just it doesn't say on the list.

SuperM3390d ago

GT5 is the biggest game on the list, if that game indeed is released in 2009.

da720izcumin3390d ago

this is suppose to be the year of the ps3rd....

is it not funny how ODST will probably sell better than all the ps3rd's exclusives this year combined. unless GT comes out, you know that's true.

Cedasse423390d ago

Yes M.A.G. is not in the list, this is dommmage.

lloyd_wonder3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

It says GT5 is on the list for this year, but no confirmed date. Probably a Japan release with a reveal at TGS.

GT5 (Japan 09?)
Uncharted 2
Ratchet & Clank
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Final Fantasy XIII (Japan 09?)
Singstar: Micheal Jackson
Eye Pet

Fall 09 is going to be big.

leyego3390d ago

FF13 will have a global multiplat release date next year just wait and see.

yencid3390d ago

really doubt that.... FF is coming out in japan first.


All i want htis year is Ucnharted2, Granturismo5 & R&C:ACiT and that's it not to mention that GT5 will be enough to keep playing for about 1 years with all the cars it'll have

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