Dragon Quest 9 Causes Japanese Standstill

With the Japanese release of Dragon Quest 9, western gamers may be unaware of the huge spectacle that surrounds the title in its homeland. Gameztraffic writer and Japanese correspondent Rossman, experiences launch day and the mass popularity of the title within Japan.

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SpoonyRedMage3444d ago

I hope we actually get it before FFXIII so late 2010 is bleh for me!

That merchandising is awesome. I wonder how much money Square Enix made in that one day.

shocky163444d ago

it's gonna be the best selling DS gamer in Japan ever.

GR3ML1N3444d ago

will it ever come to PSP?

Baka-akaB3444d ago

what for ? More sales ?

They wont need it , and anyone fan enough like myself would buy a ds if they dont have one already

lloyd_wonder3444d ago

Probably not. It should.

Monster Hunter proved to be a real success in Japan and demonstration for the PSP.

Baka-akaB3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

More like "i wish it would come" rather than an actual need .

I never denied the ability of the psp to sell games , but it doesnt matter here .
Dragon quest only needs to be on a popular machine to sell insanely . With 50 millions of ds in the world , they dont really need to allocate ressources to a psp port , for additional sales they'll get anyway on DS .

They'll instead release other games on psp as planned , like ffxiii agito .

SpoonyRedMage3443d ago

DQIX will probably easily eclipse Monster Hunter as they typically sell about 4 million in Japan and no Monster Hunter has reached 4 mil sales even when they count the rereleases sales as well. It doesn't need to be on the PSP at all and DQ has never been particularily tied to the Playstation brand so there's no basis except that people who want to play the game don't have a DS.

I think the DS already has the most DQ games released on it without DQIX as well...

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samura3444d ago

the only dragon quest I liked since the fourth one, is 8. Level 5 did a great job on that one.

jc485733444d ago

this game is done by level 5