Top Ten Things Zelda Wii Should Have

Zelda Wii has been a long time coming. Actually, it is a long time coming. It's been two and a half years since Twilight Princess came out, the last real Zelda game. In those two and a half years, we've gotten Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks was announced, and there have been some vague references to Zelda Wii. Apparently, we will not be hearing the true details about Zelda Wii until E3 2010 so let's SIT TIGHT guys. This game should be pretty good. Here's what it will need to be in order to be epic.

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ChickeyCantor3390d ago

" Orchestrated music, to him, has a lack of versatility (ie. it takes more work to make it flow into battles and such) so Kōji was too lazy -er, Kōji decided that sequenced music was more versatile."

While i think Orchestrated music is awesome, i think "midi's" or here named sequenced music has a great place in video games.
If you havn't noticed, many games on the N64 had music that fluidly changed into another, or a theme changing into a different variation. Its an awesome tool, and brought different experiences. Same was done to Zelda TP.

If Nintendo does not decide to go Orchestra, they could at least use high quality patches. Even though the overworld theme from TP sounds pretty good already considering it used a "sequence" interface.

I wouldn't be surprised if at one point developers are able to load huge patches of quality, to manipulate the music to add on to the experience.

iamtehpwn3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Please give a new instrument!
or Even an Ocarina again. ;\

Playing music was part of the soul of 3d Zeldas.

ChickeyCantor3389d ago

yes indeed, i loved the ocarina.
but you know they are gonna force it with the wii-motes XD
In windwaker it would work, i mean you conduct something, but if the Wii game gets an instrument its Wii-music 2.

iamtehpwn3389d ago

Was a Perfect instrument for Wii.

Actually Wind Waker really fitted Wii's entire aesthetic and ideology extremely well.

ChickeyCantor3389d ago

If it were made for the Wii, people would freak out because of the cel-shaded visuals. Screaming the killed the hardcore zelda( cause you know how much they like to overreact...ironic actually to think they werent killing the hardcore games on the GCN...while windwaker had "kiddy" visuals LAWL) And i would have enjoyed it in the end.
Windwaker is awesome, to bad its easy though.

Still hoping for a "windwaker 2"....DS games don't count =P you know what i mean.

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blizzard_cool3390d ago

You could play as the girl bird in Wind Waker....

SinnedNogara3390d ago

10.More Toys

Crossbow anyone???? That would be really cool, a secret item??

9.Bring back magic

I've always wondered why there was no magical instrument in that game. Weird.

8.Small Details

Agreed. I would also like to see the days and nights in a day of Zelda go by much more slowly.

7.Give a larger sense of time


6.Play as another character

That would be cool. Maybe you play as a Goron or Zora trying to save Link from something???

5.A Shifting Story

Good idea.

4.A Darker Story.

A darker shifting story!

3.More side-stories

That will unlock the crossbow I just mentioned.

2.A (somewhat) open world.

Forests FTW!!

1.Orchestrated music!!

Of course!!!

phosphor1123389d ago

10. Not a person/thing for a sword.
9. Not a person/thing for a sword.
8. Not a person/thing for a sword.
7. Not a person/thing for a sword.
6. Not a person/thing for a sword.
5. Not a person/thing for a sword.
4. Not a person/thing for a sword.
3. Not a person/thing for a sword.
2. Not a person/thing for a sword.
1. Tingle.

heroicjanitor3389d ago

If a game has the same story I feel like I have played it before and get bored quick, like with pokemon, they all feel the same now. I doubt there will be a new story though since it is the legend of zelda, meaning it is telling you about the legend of zelda but at least make new sub stories in the legend...

heroicjanitor3389d ago

It highlights my point. It's a game with great gameplay but has had the same procedure of fighting the gyms then the elite 4 and your rival. I'd love a new story for it so it would be fresh and new.

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