GhostStorm: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

GhostStorm Writes: Harry Potter may sound like the name of a cockney pub landlord, but he's actually a fictional young wizard. You may have heard of him. This is the game of the latest movie, and carries a picture of a constipated looking lad on the front of the box. What we all want to know of course, is: what sort of game is holding on to the comfort blanket of Officially Licensed Product here?

The game only tells bits and pieces of the story, so if you haven't already read the book and/or seen the film, you'll often be left wondering what's happening and why. But then, if you have no interest in Harry Potter, you'll almost certainly have no interest in this game. The (mostly poor) dialogue is spoken from character models that look barely human. Harry himself looks okay, but Ron looks positively chimp like; just like a ginger Ian Brown in one early cut scene. Hermione's model has a disturbing tendency to send the eyeballs bulging out of the sockets at any given moment without warning. In general, it seems that the ps3 and 360 versions have the ps2 graphics given a high res gloss.

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