New God of War Game Named?

Isle of Rhodes double secret God of War site seems to have spelled out nearly the entire title of the new mysterious God of War game, despite the fact that there's still three days left for the count down to hit zero.

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power of Green 4203d ago

I'll be getting this on PS2 sense its not exclusive to PS3.

Razzy4203d ago

...a PSP game. We most likely won't see Gow 3 until 2008/09

nix4203d ago

i didn't even manage to crack the first one... was able to see the "directors talk" but the 'proceed' button took me to a page that briefly talked about the story.

i've heard about people playing some puzzle.. etc.. etc... read somewhere that you can 'spell kratos' and go to next level. still got no clue about what they are talking about. ):

techie4203d ago

double click on proceed and it jumps two pages...just keep doing that and you'll get there.

nix4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

but didn't work.. guess i'll give it a shot again! (x10000 times) sigh!

thanks though! q:


ok... do i click normally like - "click click" or do i click really fast?? "cli-cli"? and for how many times...?

techie4203d ago

like you would on a desktop icon. There's lots more vids and goodies...

nix4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

deep, you don't know the different types of "click-click" i've clicked so far!!! desktop type. booster type. slow-mo type... and everything that falls in between all that. sigh!

do i have to see all the videos first??? i've been double clicking from the last 15 minutes... sigh!

edit: just finished double clicking on all the letters of PROCEED. sigh!

techie4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

haha funny. Il give it a go myself...worked first time for me ...haha it goes straight to the countdown page now...the final one...and that's even though I've deleted my cache haha. I'm a genius.

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omansteveo4203d ago

I bet Its called God of War


POWER OF GREEN you shouldnt be playing this, your an XBOT!

MySwordIsHeavenly4203d ago

Power of wouldn't buy MGS4 if it were the last videogame on earth...just because it's a PS3 exclusive!!!

You've just completely set yourself up dude. That's like saying..."i have a ps2 and a ps3, but i'm getting mercs 2 on the ps2 because i'm not into that whole graphics either..."

Know what I mean? Just take that into consideration

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