NowGamer Interview: Monkey Magic

NowGamer writes: "Design Director Dave Grossman gives us a behind the scenes look at Tales Of Monkey Island

Q: Please can you explain how the current collaboration between Telltale and Lucasarts came about?

A: I imagine it like this: Telltale CEO Dan Connors and LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez meet in a dark alley on Melee Island. Connors is wearing a gigantic hat with two parrots sitting on the brim, while Rodriguez sports a tasteful orange and white striped bandana, tied snugly over his head. Both carry wicked-looking cutlasses, just in case. Connors gives a hand signal, two fingers pointing down at the ground. "If this is three," he says, "then how many is this?" He makes a fist. "Two," replies Rodriguez. They relax: the countersign is correct. "So…" says Connors. "So…" says Rodriguez. There's a pause. "Word around the docks is you might be interested in some monkeys," they both say simultaneously. They chuckle."

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