PSX Extreme Editorial: My Xbox 360 Is Gathering Dust...Help

PSX Extreme writes: "As a gamer with a certain amount of free time at his disposal, I typically try to have a couple consoles for each generation. I had the SNES and Genesis, the PS1 and Dreamcast (although the PS1 quickly took precedence), the PS2 and Xbox, and now, the PS3 and Xbox 360. I got the 360 during the summer of 2006 - several months before the PS3 launched - and a year later, I believe I had six 360 games and four PS3 games. Now obviously, I don't buy things arbitrarily."

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Natsu X FairyTail2964d ago

hahaha Biased Opinion coming from a pro-Playstation site.

this is ridiculous.

GameGambits2963d ago

I'm a fan of sony over microsoft at the moment, but even I realize how dumb this article is. You know what you are trying to elude to and accomplish with this flame bait article.

No one cares what console you play what games on---only you should. If you aren't getting use out of it then blame yourself not the 360. There is plenty of games you could try out on 360. I recently just got Battlefield 1943 from Arcade for my 360 since I have more buddies with access to a 360 to play with. Sure I could've got it for my PS3 and skipped the server BS, but once the BS is gone I'd be pretty much playing with strangers; hurting my fun with it in the long run.

PS3 wise I've been enjoying Blazblue since I got it.

If you are so picky games wise on what you spend time with then your choices on both consoles on what you could try to spend time with should be PLENTY.

Take this flame starting trash down.

Natsu X FairyTail2963d ago

I co-sign with you.

Bubble + my friend.

thegood332963d ago

I cannot believe the garbage that gets posted on this website. Anyone know of a game website that publishes the latest news without the n4g flamebait?

Johnny Rotten2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

^^^ Joystiq is a pretty good site mixed with a little humor here and there.

Xeall2963d ago

Bubble for you too, I'm a lead Ps3 writer and I could never bring myself to write an article like this. The irony is I just turned on my 360 for the first time in ages, got Live again and have been enjoying COD4 and Worms 2: Armageddon loads.

Its flame war trolling, in support of the PS3 and what it actually does is damage the console's reputation. Most people out there reflect the ramblings of mad fans onto the console itself and give it a bad name. Grow up, become a better journalist or quit. Simple advice pal hope you listen.

Halo3 MLG Pro2963d ago

Bubbles for Xeall. We need more like you on this site and less Canadianguy420, Figboy, etc...

II Necroplasm II2963d ago

All you have to do is to look at the avatars of most of the people who approved this and see that they are in the SDF, lmao.

leila012963d ago

Lol I see, someone took the Hiphopgamer pill.

Trebius2963d ago

Can write an article and get it approved on N4G.

It'd be great to be able to filter out all the garbage that gets pumped to this website...but then there'd BE no N4G...

edhe2963d ago

Anyone that comes to this site for actual news needs to hit up google and find somewhere else [joystiq, kotaku, eurogamer, 1up..]

This place is a spectacle.

/me goes to see if SDF has been updated since E3.

Major_Tom2963d ago

Necroplasm don't be a hypocrite.

a_squirrel2963d ago

mine is too, and i dont have a ps3....

Megatron082963d ago

I once went like a whole year without turning on my ps3. I play all my multi games on my 360. If you want to know why all my friends have 360 only 2 of them have a ps3 so none of use buy multi plat games on the ps3 or we cant play them together.

I have 4 ps3 games and 37 360 (most are multi plat). Sure I'll get tons of disagrees and called a fanboy and all but I'm a gamer sony just drop the ball this gen and ms pick it up and is running with it.

Lot of this goes back to 360 being the 1st out and their focus on online. While sony didnt care about online gaming starting out. They were still stuck in the single player of last gen and worrying about blu ray. Remember the 1st games show/announce for the ps3 ? All single player DMC4, FF13, MGS4 , AC . Some of the 1st game shown for the 360 gears, halo 3, forza 2 and FN3. It shows the differnt thinkin of the companies early on. By the time the ps3 came out me and my friends were knocking each other out in FN3, taking out other teams in gears and betting our pinkslip in forza 2 making the 360 the system of choice this gen.

Bnet3432963d ago

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Not surprised.

JD_Shadow2963d ago

So apparently no one even READ the article or cared to get the point. It's saying the same thing I've said for a while: in 2009, the 360 has had (so far) a HUGE drought in true exclusives. The only thing it's really given us, so far, is multiplatform games and exclusive DLC, and because of the lack of exclusive games, unless you're stripped for cash, there's no real reason for anyone who has yet to pick up a 360 to do so (the only selling point being that it "cost less" than the PS3). Though the later half of the year's exclusives MAY help, but the only one that has gotten any bit of exposure is Forza (and that's because Turn 10 doesn't know when to shut up about it's ability to part water). It's easy for games like Halo, GOW, and Fable to get high sales numbers when they are the only true 360 exclusives to choose from that people give a crap about.

That's all this article is saying, and if you were a TRUE 360 fan, you would be asking where the games are, too. Of course, I'm not holding my breath, since all that needs to be seen is "360 bad" for a sh!tstorm to start about how "dumb" the article is.

Poopface the 2nd2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

as I dont believe in hearing 360 opinions form a PS site. Nor would I read something about ps3 from a 360 site. Or PC news from a nintendo site.

This guys preaching to the choir.

If your site is dedicated to one company or console, keep it that way. As I dont think their opinions will ever be objective when one consoles adds are paying their salary(if these guys are even paid that is).

whats up with the dust thing anyways. Even stuff you use gathers dust. Its not like turning it on activates the automatic duster. This guy should get some pledge and STFU.

^^above-- I guess im not a true 360 fan, as I dont see exclusives as the end all be all of games. I like alot of different games and I have no problem with the 360s # of games. you can say it has less exclusives SO FAR this year, but it does still have a crap load more games. And anyone who doesnt yet have a 360 or PS3, looks at ALL the games, not exclusives taht came out so far this year. Youd be surprised how many people I know with PS3 or 360 who mostly play multiplat games.

I will never like a game simply because it is an "exclusive" and I will never belittle a game simply because it a multiplat. I understand ps3 fanboys like to because they think that the 360 is holding back the PS3, when in reality its time and money that is holding back the developers.

DaTruth2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Whatever crap load of games it has, has been there for awhile, so if you haven't bought a 360 or those games yet, why would you now? While the 360 is in a drought, are you suppose to buy games you already didn't want? The games you passed up? That's all Darkpower is getting at!

When companies make multiplats, they are usually just in it for the money and could care less whether you receive a good product, that's why most multiplats suffer from cases of genericness and over all lack of polish! Not all, but a lot!

What you have to ask yourselves is; does MS care about bringing us a quality gaming experience; Or do they care more about beating Sony and establishing they're console to make $$$$$? Sony didn't have to put out a state of the art console and invest in new technologies, they just had to write Playstation 3 and push something out there quick! But they decided to give back to the gamer and create a quality gaming experience with a console that is pushing the boundries and it has clearly been painful for them, and paid off for us!

And yes, this article is stupid flamebait!

Homicide2963d ago

I knew this was going to be from Ben Dutka (sp?). This article obviously screams flamebait. The line-up for the 360 so far hasn't been great, but the fall line-up looks awesome: Splinter Cell, Forza, Halo 3 ODST, GTA Ballad of Gay Tony, Magna Carta II (maybe). Anyways, every console gathers dust whether they're being used or not.

II Necroplasm II2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Yea I must be going around approving flamebait articles with my Spawn avatar


Major_Tom2963d ago

Lol Necroplasm don't get testy you're a huge Xbox fanboy and you're just calling out another fanboy don't get all pathetic on us now.

Sylar2963d ago

I find that all of you are dense. One of you acts like your comments and advice can actually reach this journalist and the rest say "take this flame baiting garbage down." If you were really serious about getting rid of articles like this you would stop posting comments and skip the article all together. All you guys do with your pointless comments is add hits to the article, I hope I'm not the only one who isn't stupid enough to see this. Also, yes i know I'm contradicting myself by posting a comment but all you self proclaimed fan boy haters are really showing stupidity that must be pointed out.

el zorro2963d ago

My 360 is gathering dust even though I play it all the time. Oh no, what do I do?

II Necroplasm II2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


No I just hate Sony fanboys because you people are pathetic. You're calling me a fanboy and calling me hypocrite at the same time?

lol... damn you are a stupid nerd. You make no sense.

Major_Tom2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Since when did I become part of the Sony crowd? Necroplasm if you wanna talk about a nerd or how pathetic some one is look no further than your comment history and if you wanna get in depth look when you first started posting, what kind of trash is that?

If you wanna be a hypocrite go do it on Gametrailers or else you're gonna get called out on N4G.

Otherwise you could always join theMart in his cellar dude, you could play horde mode with each other in Gears of War 2!

r3xmund12963d ago

It pains me to admit it, but since GoW2 disapointed me online so much, and not buying CoD5, I have stopped playing multiplayer on Live and now I only turn on the green machine for GH5 and RB....

The PS3 is winning in my haus. KZ2, inFamous, Prototype, Overlord 2, Bionic Commando all of these were bought on my PS3

C'mon Halo ODST!

Narutone662963d ago

try reading it first. Ben was asking 360 fans for advice on what 360 games to get. The title is flame bait but after reading the writer's opinion, he's on to something.

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Natsu X FairyTail2964d ago

well of course Canadianguy had to Approve this even though it's the opinion of a site who's pro playstation!


robbo9182963d ago

While I agree the article is nothing but flamebait and shouldn't be up there, don't act like it doesn't happen on both sides. There are plenty of X360 pro-site articles pasted for the same reason. There is too much of it from both sides of the fence when it comes to simple flame articles.

MiloGarret2963d ago

are canadianguy and morganfail allowed to approve articles? Jeebus... *leaves n4g, forever*

Sylar2963d ago

Hey don't blame them it's your fault for giving these guys the attention they want.

jessupj2963d ago

I actually somewhat agree with the article. You have to agree there's been a drought of good quality 360 titles. Of course this is just subjective opinion, but I think any real gamer would agree that the ps3s line up this year has been a lot better then the 360s.