Forza 2 Weekly Pitpass Report Volume 43 (Brand new 720p video.)

Turn 10 just released the latest installment of their Weekly Pitpass Report, containing three brand new screenshots and a 720p video.

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Drew4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Link to 720p video (Right-Click > Save As):

Rybnik4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Downloading right now!
Gotta say based just on the story screens this game is making leaps and bounds in graphical polish.
I just watched the 720P vid. That is some of the most fantastic replay footage I have yet seen. OMG!

InMyOpinion4257d ago

The sound is amazing! And look at the sky!

power of Green 4257d ago

I must say they're clearly not done with the polish as they seem to be "like what dude up a couple of posts said" they're making leaps and bounds each day. The enviroments are looking Photo real also; its as if they could have cared less what the world looked like in earily showings; they just wanted people to get a feel of the car mechanics at first etc.

power of Green 4257d ago

Its amazing they were able to pull off so much color and still keep it fairly Photo Real the colours almost match the range of realality (Tree's, Grass, Ski, complex color depth of paints etc).

Most games the devs only way to acheive Realism is to Color filter the games and rob them of real life colours in order to make the average person think less color means not as cartoony thus tricks them in thinking less color is real. It could be hardware capability vs other and past consoles that allow turn 10 to do this.

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The story is too old to be commented.