TNL: Cross Edge Review

TNL writes: "This is an RPG for the completist in all of us. Plus there are some very delicious unlockable costumes for the female characters (the male costumes don't actually change visually). Add in the ability to carry over many elements from a completed game, a leveling cap set to 999, and a huge catalog of combos and items, and you have a healthy amount of playtime at your disposal. I think you know where I'm going with this: Cross Edge is highly recommended should you meet the criteria I've harped on throughout this review. Others can move along and take on something more mainstream. But don't hate just because the game doesn't serve itself up on a platter".

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GameGambits3440d ago

It's so hard for even an anime fanatic/JRPG addictee to even swallow the big pill that is this game. This reviewer clearly is blindly defending JRPGs in general and not this actual game. It's a bad GAME---not a bad game concept or something along those lines. It was poor execution and was better suited as a PSP or PS2 title.

That could've made the game more suited for the system it was put on since the game not only graphically but actually what it is asking the engine to do is not even a fraction of what the PS3 is capable of. The game is just not making use of the hardware, it's not pushing a deep enough story for someone to invest time into to care what happens, and the battle system is not FUN.

I like hard games, easy games, slow games, fast games, etc but I don't like plain unfun games. This games FUN is in the way back corner collecting dust, because you have to be a REALLY sick fool who hasn't been paying attention to any other games that have come out in the past 5+ years to find this fun.

Want some better games than this to try out? Valkyrie Profile for PS1/PSP, Crimson Gem Saga, or even Disgaea have similar things from this game that people would enjoy far more. Cross Edge isn't going to be a great game just because you love anime and JRPGS...again I stress that this game will leave you having fun with it on the back burner. It's also def. not worth 60 bucks... when and if this game comes for 29.99 or less is when you might want to consider swallowing its pill.

callahan093440d ago

I honestly have to ask if you played Cross Edge. Because I agree with the TNL review, and I totally disagree with yours. I like Cross Edge. A lot. The battle system IS fun. It's very unique, too. Building up combos is so satisfying! The battle system is easily one of the best in recent RPG memory, for me, because it dares to be different, while still utilizing some of the classic components of battle systems like Valkyria Profile and Disgaea. But it puts it's own spin on them and makes building up combos and managing your action points central to success. Strategy is important, but so is quick thinking, quick action, quick response. And the story and characters are hilarious.

paracardium3440d ago

having fun with it so far reminds of the old school RPG's where it actually took time to get anywhere or you got slaughtered.At least if you like rpgs give it a rent and follow the story till at least first few hrs.Then if ya like it but it .

Most rpgs today have a 30 hr limit but not this one plus it seems DLC is happening every week to like new costumes and dungeons.