Xbox 360 Made Out of Paper

This guy made a template for everyone to make their own miniature Xbox 360 made out of paper. It even has a working DVD Tray.

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Robotz Rule4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

But too much work!,you have to see the Michael Jackson and Sanjaya blooper vid!,it's funny as hell!

Here's the link!!!

THAMMER14230d ago

That was the best. If I was not at work I would be on the ground.

nix4230d ago

now that's entertainment.. and oh.. yeah..forgot about the paper one. i wonder why he bothered to make one... q: (hint hint)

Icryo4230d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they made the real 360 with paper.

Rybnik4230d ago

OMG. That video is so wrong!!! (but so true)