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Killzone official site to be updated soon

From page 98 of the UnOfficial Ask the Dev team non-Killzone related questions thread, Seb Downie, one of the few sources of real info on Killzone today posted a brief reply in response to when the PS3 Killzone site will be online.

"We are fixing the last couple of legal issues and then it will go live."
Seb Downie - Lead Tester - Guerrilla Games (Killzone 2, PS3)

Update Sorry folks this was a bit misleading.
Apparently Downie has clarified his previous statement:
"At this stage there will not be any PS3 stuff. Yet. But there is going to be a lot of cool stuff on there."
The keyword here is yet..

TheXgamerLive  +   2898d ago
Funny, but with this game being so hyped for what 3 years now, shouldn't the web site been up atleast since the ps3 came out?
Why does it always seem to smell like bad fish from w/in the sony camp?

BTW, regardless of how most everyone feels about sony, I'm still betting that Killzone2 will be a good game. Albeit, not what it's been hyped up to be, but a strong 8 out of 10 atleast. Hopefully, much higher than that.
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techie  +   2898d ago
Rybnik - prove it! I'm so confused lol
Rybnik  +   2898d ago
check the report history, please
techie  +   2898d ago
done dude...you soooooo should have put that in the comment and not the report. Well hopefully it'll get approved anyway. We need a journalist on here that can make this into a report that isnt a link to a forum.

Wish I could take the reigns...
Robotz Rule  +   2898d ago
Not fake!
Look at the blog date/s,and who's still really hyped up and want a Killzone Liberation site update?,no one!,Guerilla games knows Killzone 2 is the future of their company.

They know Killzone 2 is hyped up and it would be about time we get a Killzone 2 official site.
Rybnik  +   2898d ago
Sorry Deep
Still new!
To all who think this is fake:
Same thread, earlier post:
redDragon wrote: Not to get too specific, but can we expect Killzone.com to be up before it debuts at E3 or maybe afterward? And will you guys have some "Dev Diary" type videos to show the progression of the game?

Here is Downie's original response: This month. And there will be diaries and content and all sorts of cool stuff.
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techie  +   2898d ago
no prob lol...april seems to be the month. HS website...rumoured that WarDevil are opening up this month...
Rybnik  +   2898d ago
I've been waiting for new Wardevil info for so long!!!
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Drew  +   2898d ago
Predicting N4G meltdown in 5, 4, 3...
ErcsYou  +   2898d ago
ya...i figured we would get a killzone site soon...E3 in july...cant wait for the next story about how GG confirms that sooner or later, we will have a killzone website. oh ya 2....1.....

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Rybnik  +   2898d ago
Hey, this info is straight from the typing fingers of motherh, man!
LOL at the pictures
ErcsYou  +   2898d ago
im convinced
i read this earlier today. the ps3 forums is my first home . i usually come here second . i think they're close , but with the statement " after all legal issues we will go live" these usually take a little time .. but i guarantee we will know more soon.
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Clinton514  +   2898d ago
The site is for Killzone Liberation(PSP) not Killzone PS3.

edit: I'll get you guys the REAL news in a couple of days. ;)
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Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2898d ago
i believe it.
it`s been in dev. for a long time.
this might mean a 2007 release.

A Killzone Christmas.
i`m excited for this one the first one was only good,
but dev`ing a solid FPS takes time.
look at Black, Black was ok but we all know Black2 is going to be the Sh@t.

only a few FPS/Games have came out the gate w/ an amazing game, and all/most of them got less innovative w/ time instead of more.
too name a few.

-Golden Eye 007
-Medal of Honor
-Call of Duty
-and in my opinion HALO(not trying to start a war.)
-Resident Evil(they made a unexpected comeback thou, 4 was the best in my opinion)
-Tomb Raider(getting better finally)

impressing people sooo sooo much right away isn`t always the best thing,some of the best things take time.

Games that didn`t impress sooo sooo much right away, but got amazing.
-there`s more i`m tired and can`t think right now, but those two are MAJOR.

Games i think will get waaaay better over time.
-Killzone(mentioned earlyier)
-Black(mentioned earlyier)
-Project Snowblind
-The Getaway
-Dead Rising
-The Hulk Incredible Destruction 2

but who knows?
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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2897d ago
Halo was great
Yet Halo two wasnt all that at least the single player....It waas like halo 1.2
ErcsYou  +   2897d ago
we know... i waas like halo3 aint all that at least single player....i waas like halo 1.2.5
nix  +   2897d ago
and thus began the epic battle of fans!
now now now.. let's not bring Halo here, shall we?
overrated  +   2897d ago
Halo sUck my balls. Take it away.
Raist  +   2897d ago
"Someone submitted this thread as news to N4G.com stating that the Killzone PS3 site is going live. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people"

Rybnik  +   2897d ago
That was me, and I'm going off of what Seb Downie said in the same forum your linking to..that this post is about. If it turns out there will be no PS3 info, I am deeply sorry. But these are his own words!
Damn. I guess it was too good. He did say not yet, though.....

HOWEVER, he just now pretty much confirmed (same thread p. 100) that there will be a public beta for KZPS3:
As for doing a beta ourselves, of course. Every game we release with an online component will have to go through a public beta or two.
Seb Downie - Lead Tester - Guerrilla Games
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techie  +   2897d ago
"Oops. At this stage there will not be any PS3 stuff. Yet. But there is going to be a lot of cool stuff on there. "
Violater  +   2897d ago
Figures, to ogood to be true
It's way too early for any kind of KZ2 news.
We will just have to wait until July for good Games/News.
zonetrooper5  +   2897d ago
Well i can't wait for some new information, hopefully some more stuff will be told about Killzone 2. As for Halo 3, i can't wait for that game either and don't expect Killzone 2 to be the Halo killer which it is not, its a good game but needs alot more polish and time.
Lex Luthor  +   2897d ago
This game is gonna suck just like the first one.

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