Eurogamer: Star Wars: Republic Commando Retrospective

Eurogamer writes: "The squad dynamics of Republic Commando remain exemplary - they're clear, obvious, fluid and easy to use. Most importantly though, in Republic Commando your squad is a necessity rather than a gang of liabilities trailing around after you reminding you to reload. The AI (perhaps aided by the game's limited corridor confines) rarely falters, while the ploy of providing many and varied sniping positions and grenade spots to bind your charges to while working your way round vast sci-fi hangars provides a tangible tactical edge".

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SpoonyRedMage3441d ago

Aww man, there was a cancelled sequel?

The game was aweomse, one of the best shooters last gen and one of the best star Wars games ever. I'd totally go for a sequel, we need to save Sev!