Aerosmith Drummer Defends Guitar Hero Against Musician Critics

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have their share of critics in the music industry, the least of which are the performers themselves. Everyone from Jack White to Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher have opined on their distaste for young kids getting exposed to music, through video games, as opposed to other channels.

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer? He doesn't mind all that much.

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Smacktard3443d ago

Well hurpa-derpa-durr he's gonna defend the Guitar Hero series. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, anyone?

Max Power3443d ago

anyone else getting bored with these games? Whats next Marching Band Hero? Drumline Hero?

kvg883442d ago

Who's a guy that's usually makes ballsy statements and trys to hang out with a group of musicians? A Drummer.

MagicAccent3442d ago

How do you know that there is a drummer on the door?
His knocks are out of time :P