EndSights: Battlefield 1943 Review


"Battlefield 1943 is an interesting experiment coming from longtime Battlefield developer DICE, with the backing of EA. The game has had a rocky launch with just about everything possible going wrong. Servers crashing, players not connecting, party system not working, people dying, MASS HYSTERIA. Despite its launch problems, Battlefield 1943 manages to be a stellar game built upon the groundwork of Battlefield Bad Company."

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DaTruth3296d ago

I just got off this game and none of those glitches are happening... at least not on the PS3 version!

Johnny Rotten3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I agree I played for 6.5 hours on the PS3 with zero problems and that's with my crappy internet running a 2.5mb download and a 0.43mb upload speed!