Adventure Gamers: Tales of Monkey Island Review

Adventure gamers is getting spoiled when they can take a gift horse like the return of such a beloved franchise and look it squarely in the mouth and point out its flaws. Yet despite being a flawed game with some questionable interface and camera decisions, and never consistently elevating the writing to a standout level, the first Tales of Monkey Island game demonstrates tremendous potential for this series to grow into the level of excellence that Sam & Max eventually reached.

And if it seems like this review is loaded with comparisons to the dog and rabbit, it's because Telltale used them to set the bar for excellence with those games-and still has all the talent and resources in the world to attain those heights again. In anticipation of that potential, every adventure fan should consider this an essential play, and go into it with the understanding that this is a very good and very fun game-just not the best Telltale has to offer.

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