WWW Part 2: Master Chief vs Samus Aran: And the Winner is...

"When last we left our avenging heroes, Master Chief and Samus Aran were locked in mortal battle over Halo's control center. Their fight had left the controls a total wreck, angering Samus who had crash landed on the ring in hopes to save her adoptive home planet Zebes from imminent annihilation. Having lost any means to stop the energy weapon from firing, Samus is engulfed by an uncontrollable rage that can only be sated with blood..."

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tinman_licks3441d ago

I called it. Now where's my No-prize?

Winter47th3439d ago

He'd still stick her at the end anyways.

lizard812883440d ago

what a surprise, a nintendo character winning on a character battle on a site called wiiland.

lol, but still, i figured she would win.

Major_Tom3439d ago

There's going to be people in this thread claiming it's bullshit.

condorstrike3439d ago

lol, priceless, should have read this in the laptop while in the toilet, perfect reading for toilet time.

and yes, Samus has no contender, human nor alien...LOL.

003439d ago

I wonder if they did scientific calculations to see who won with the data provided for a accurate representation of said characters.

SinnedNogara3439d ago

Slow with bullets or fast with lasers, particles, missiles, Chozo blood, and a gunship??

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The story is too old to be commented.