Wal-Mart: Blu-ray or HD-DVD players for $299?

Get ready to get your cheap HD on kids. Wal-Mart just threw down some serious green for a batch of Chinese-made HD DVD players. Just as they brought DVD players down to near-disposable status, their deal for 2 million HD DVD players produced by China's Great Wall corporation will ultimately do the same for hi-def optical. The guts are developed by Taiwan's Fuh Yuan with a touch of help from Japan's TDK. How much? A magical $299.

Update: Pull back the reigns HD DVD fanboys, Akihabara now says that they've made a "huge mistake" with their translation: the original source called it "?? HD DVD and ?? means Blu-RAY." In other words, Blu-ray HD DVD. Huh?

Both? One of the other? A combo plpayer for $299!? ...

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God of Gaming4256d ago

Change title to include only blue ray now with the new info??

techie4256d ago

Well the weird thing that the Chinese has BOTH HD-DVD and BLU-ray

very strange

NextGen24Gamer4256d ago

Its not for a blu ray player too. Its just that they hd dvd player uses blue lasers. Thats where the confusion came into play. HD dvd is getting closer and closer to the 200 dollar sweet spot. Right now, Walmart sells hd dvd players for 399. I haven't seen a blu ray player at walmart yet....Well, except for the ps3. And those don't seem to be selling very well at Walmart. Interesting bit of news though.

EZCheez4256d ago

It could just as easily be confused the other way around. Unless you are fluent in Chinese and have read the article yourself, you shouldn't try to sound so sure about something. Besides, why would they come out with an update to the article with a quote to their citation as a "huge mistake?" Notice the question mark and lack of the ITS DEFINITELY BLU-RAY NOW statement.

ITR4256d ago

Here is the orig Akihabara news post about the Wal-Mart deal.

It looks like no-one is sure so it could be either or, or both.

ITR4256d ago

I think I might buy one then, if this comes out by X'mas.

I was going to buy a HD tv set from Wally World.

I wonder if Target will follow this up with a HD DVD player as well, from TruTech.

EZCheez4256d ago

Are you reading something different? Because even from your own link it still says Blu-Ray too.

ITR4256d ago

Well I'm reading this: 藍光 HD DVD
Thats not blu ray that translates into Blue Light HD DVD.
(Chinese Traditonal Han, if I'm not mistaken)

Both use a blue laser, but one is only called HD DVD.

techie4256d ago

lol you can twist it anyway. They are both High Definition DVD' in theory Blu-ray is Blu-ray HDDVD, and HDDVD uses a Blue take your pick :)

NextGen24Gamer4256d ago

The stand alone HD dvd players are 399 right now ! ! ! !

The cheapest blu ray player right now is 600 dollars as in the ps3 ! ! ! !

There is no way Walmart will release a Blu ray player for 299. Thats 300 dollars less than the ps3 and 700 dollars less than most stand alones. All you have to do is use common sense folks. Its obvious they are talking about releasing a 299 HD dvd player...which is just 100 less than the current stand alones. Its not that complicated.

TheExodus4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

The article does say "with a touch of help from [...] TDK" & TDK doesn't do HD-DVD. Although if Wal-Mart is only paying $50/unit for these things I'm imagining it's little more than a hamster in wheel with a blue LED flashlight taped to its back.

lilwingman4256d ago

I agree, it's Wal-mart, so it's going to be shabby quality. But still, people unsure of the next-gen thing will see the price tag and jump in out of curiousity, considering how cheap it is. Everywhere I look HD-DVD players are being pushed harder. Here in Canada, the HD-DVD players cost $499 at my local Future Shop, and you get a free Batman Begins disc. The Blu-Ray players are $1399. It's pretty ridiculous. actually.

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