Opinion: Blu-ray not even close to winning format war

We all are soon approaching the one year anniversary of each format, and despite the extrapolated outlook for Blu-ray based on where it stands now, there is no end in sight. A climb in Blu-ray movie sales may lead consumers to believe Sony has already beaten HD DVD, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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ben hates you4258d ago

lets bring in dvd sales vs the two, from what i under stand about 100,000 next gen movies are sold a month, there is what 3 billion people with dvd players who buy movies both of these sales suck

masterg4258d ago

Off cause DVD sales lead.. That's not the point.. So did VHS the first 3-4 years after DVD was intruded. Right now there are close to 5 million HD players sold. DVD took two year to reach the first million.
"3 billion DVD players" are you freaking insane.

HD will gain grown every year and off cause Blu-ray will win.
They are owning HD DVD every month.
This article has no facts what so ever.

Bathyj4258d ago

I swear you cant read anything anymore that just presents both sides of the arguement and lets you make your own mind up.

If you want to state opinion dont write an article, go on a forum. Yes I know it says its just his opinion but I still dont like the practice, as if the fact a web site was will to host his rant somehow gives more credit to his voice.

And God, stop bringing up UMD, it was NEVER supposed to replace DVD. It was to play PSP games and it does that fine. Watching movies is just a bonus feature of the PSP. Doesn't mean its a portable movie player, that also happens to play games.

ITR4258d ago

He makes some good points about Sony and it's failed formats.

Did they ever figure out the load times on HD DVD and blu ray players yet?
I don't want to wait 1min or even 10 sec for a dang movie to load.
If your going to replace DVD then you need to load just as fast, if not faster then DVD.

Nik4258d ago

couldn't sell because of its price and resolution losing to DVD.

Betamax fails because it's capacity is too small.

Bluray? Bigger than HD-DVD, with same codecs, hence better video and sound quality. Moreover it has more studio backing means more variety of movies. So which will win? I thought it's pretty obvious.

Covenant4258d ago

"There are, without a doubt, a number of people who bought a PS3 and are testing out the Blu-ray movie player as a novelty. The PS3 counts for more than 75% of all BD players that have been sold, and when this novelty wears off for the non-enthusiasts, it may not be on such an elevated playing ground anymore."

Interesting statement.

Now here's my question:

If you ignore the PS3 and HD add-on for the 360, how are sales of stand-alone Blu-Ray and HD players? That may be a more definitive answer to the question.

Or, how about this:

1. Find out how many PS3 owners are using it for Blu-Ray playback

2. Find out how many Blu-Ray discs they actually own on average, NOT COUNTING (as some do) freebies like Talladega Nights or Casino Royale.

3. We know the general sales number of the HD add-on for the 360. Find out how many HD-DVDs they've bought on average.

4. Compare those numbers to the same for the home units, and that may be a better indicator of the actual sales numbers.

ITR4258d ago

I believe HD DVD has sold more stand alone units.
I know Toshiba sold 100k HD DVD players in the US. (reported this month)

Not sure what the numbers are in Japan, Europe and other parts of the world.

techie4258d ago

" According to the numbers from VideoScan, since its inception there have been 844,000 Blu-ray units sold, while there have been 708,600 units sold for HD-DVD."

that was last month anyway...who knows where it is at yet. One manufacturer saying 100,000 doesn't mean overall sales are more.

ITR4258d ago

But does that subtract PS3's and add-on HD DVD players and PC blu and HD drives for PC's?

techie4258d ago

Yes it does, considering there's 3million ps3's in the world.

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