Are Gamers Ready For Sony's Digital Revolution

With digital downloads accounting for 2% of all Playstation Sales within 2009 and an estimated 4% of 2010 sales, Gameztraffic analyzes Sony's focus towards digital distribution and asks if the gamer is really benefitting.

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zok3103441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Agree, Sony use to always try and test markets with new products, if it did not catch on that product would magically disappear. I cant blame Sony for trying this, if it work out in their favor then expect this to be the first and last portable gen that uses a physical media for Sony.

Maddens Raiders3441d ago

I naturally prefer physical media. However, if Sony wants to test the waters with this so be it. The market will demand the service's continuation or not. I for one, will be investing my money elsewhere helping physical media hang around as a "vestige that just won't go" a la, the good 'ol PS2.

SoapShoes3441d ago

An option. There will be some that prefer the Go and buys them and there will be some that want the 3k for physical media. I prefer downloaded content for a handheld. Would hate it for a console though.

guesty813441d ago

Yep Sony do have form for testing new ideas/ formats on the public, but at £200 + price tag that's one expensive experiment.

table3441d ago

more expensive for the consumer than it is for sony. If I am to get a PSP, which I may do just for the next MGS, it certainly won't be the 'Go' however.

krouse933441d ago

I am totally Ready for the digital Revolution I have bought almost all the games I can in Digital.

DaTruth3441d ago

I only use my PSP for PS1 classics. The PS1 games are just so much better and work well with the interface. So ya, digital for me too, but only on my PSP; I really wanted Siren, but didn't want to go through the trouble and used space!

green-cigarettes 3441d ago

I have no problem at all with digital distribution as long as it is on a portable device like the psp because you dont need to carry a lot of UMDs or limit the games you want to play when you are on the go. With DD you can play alot of games without carrying them which is ok with me. But for a home console like the PS3, i rather have the disc version of the game

krouse933441d ago

See I would Like a disc version too but have the option to full install like PCs and not need the disc afterwards. You know what I mean Right?

krouse933441d ago


Cause that would be like the best option.. I mean of course it would cut out rentals but every game would be required a demo before release or something idk.

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