EA quietly opens '8lb Gorilla' to make smaller iPhone games

"There's a lot of excitement around the iPhone game market these days, what with people making lots of money and investing so little to do so. EA has apparently opened up a studio (without saying a peep about it) named "8lb Gorilla," simultaneously announcing the upcoming Zombies & Me for Apple's mobile platform. Unlike the recent emphasis on bringing major franchise ports to the handheld, 8PG will supposedly be focusing on the sub-$3 market, and thusly, more bite-sized game experiences."

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SpoonyRedMage3441d ago

Ahh cool I suppose. Haven't quite a few people recently left EA for Ngomoco(or whatever they're called). It might be an attempt to prevent that.

mrv3213441d ago

Iphone could be a great way to advertise EA games, like for example 1943 but instead it's a On Rails version, very cheap very short but fun. A little way to get people interested.

keysy4203440d ago

if they position themselve right and have the right software